Details on Unannounced Sony Santa Monica Game Revealed by Job Ads, Probably an Open World Title

During the PS4 launch event Sony Computer Entertainment teased a new title for PS4 by Sony Santa Monica, and today a few more details have been ousted thanks to two new career opportunity ads published by the company for a Senior Level Designer and a Senior technical Designer.

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Kayant1487d ago

Am down with that... Bring on the open-world games :)

Abriael1487d ago

Indeed. The next generation seems all about that, And I can't say I'm unhappy.

Eonjay1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

I call Savage Starlight - an open galaxy space opera.

Vojkan1487d ago

the thing is SSM has 3 studios atm. Let me explain.

Stigs team has been working on a new IP since the end of GOW3.
Then we have team that just made GOWA.
And now Cory came back and is building "oceans 11 kind of a team". of course people move from project to project, but exciting times ahead of us.
Plus SSM helps so many studios with their games.

SSM and ND are in their own league.

Joe9131487d ago

I noticed that most of the next gen titles are open-world I hope this becomes the norm like how FPS blew up this last gen.

shivvy241487d ago

yeah I hope, I prefer open world than fps! I used to be a huge fps junkie a few years ago but it slowly faded

PSjesus1487d ago

All i want is GOW with Zelda's open world and dungeon elements

Reaon1487d ago

You should try Darksiders, it's pretty much that.

black0o1487d ago

Q: is this goes under the same team which working with the writer battlestar galatica

Abriael1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

A: Hell if I know.

Serious A: the ads don't specify the team, just Sony Santa Monica.

Lovable1487d ago

Santa monica studio

Open world

Picture me excited!

Dark111487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

Please don't be a first/third person shooter.

emad-E-three1487d ago

3rdPS is always welcome and for FPS SSM is not the type of studio (which is good thing)!

just hopping its not an open world God Of War this will be bad for Kratos imo :/

EXVirtual1487d ago

Loads of open world games coming out next-gen.
Metal Gear Solid V
Mirror's Edge
Tom Clancy's: The Division
Watch Dogs
Damn, those games alone are a good list. Now imagine an open world game by Santa Monica. If true, then the game will be beastly.

Abriael1487d ago

It definitely seems the new trend. That's pretty much the biggest effect of the 8 GB of ram.

Vojkan1487d ago

as much as I like open world game, not every game needs to be open world.
With open world something like Uncharted would lose on its focus when it comes to story. I like the therm that ND used for TLOU "open linear".

naBs1487d ago

Don't forget Destiny! =D

Loving the open world titles though

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The story is too old to be commented.