Xbox One SmartGlass lets you snap apps from your phone or tablet

Xbox One SmartGlass lets you snap apps from your phone or tablet...

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malokevi1826d ago

Awesome, that's a great feature. I'm always using my Surface & my Lumia 520 while I game/use my Xbox. This will come in handy.

B-radical1826d ago

Same just downloaded the app looks sleek

P0werVR1826d ago

Don't have a Surface nor Windows Phone, so will wait for an iOS or Android sooner than later I hope.

1826d ago
fattyuk1826d ago

Can I watch tv on my phone whilst watching tv on my tv via my cable box hooked up to my Xbox? also can I have picture in picture in picture so whilst watching tv on my phone, I can watch tv on my tv and watch my sports whilst browsing films on top of having a Skype chat?

Will this be available one day?

Half-Mafia1826d ago

So you pick up your phone/tablet to snap something on the TV. Why not just look at the info you have on your phone, and not make the game smaller on your TV.

Fireseed1826d ago

Hey I can still totally do that, but what's wrong with having the option of doing it another way?

malokevi1826d ago

Apparently there are people who think that there's something wrong with that.

Personally, I like everything to be BIGGER!!!

Bigpappy1826d ago

You might want a closer look at the chick who texted you a photo of herself butt naked.

I think that should get you to see the possible usefulness. Did that work for you?

Pogmathoin1826d ago

Got that phone number?? :)

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