Can Your Internet Keep Up With Next-Gen Consoles?

So, we’ve got new consoles coming out. The next-generation is characterized by the rather grandiose claim that the new console hardware will be more similar to PC systems than ever before, thus bridging the objective power gap between the markets.

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Lowsnamebrand1770d ago

I have 65 mbps down and 25 up...I think I'm good

guitarded771770d ago

I'm above the recommended up/down, but nowhere near some of you guys here.

joeyisback1770d ago

i got 105 mbps down 25 up so im good

Hicken1770d ago

Nope. Mine most certainly cannot. Right now, I don't have any. Using the network made for my apartment complex, which isn't all that hot. Didn't have anything at all yesterday.

CrossingEden1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago ) Think I'm good
EDIT:Seriously, not even one minute after I post my speedtest I get a disagree. Pretty sure the one guy who follows everyone of my posts is doing it. Smh...

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