Super Mario 3D World review [Nintendo Insider]

Nintendo Insider writes:

Yet by 3D World’s thundering conclusion, it is unquestionable that you won’t be left bedazzled by the entire experience. It may lack the intergalactic grandeur of Galaxy’s Wii debut, but Nintendo’s irrepressible creativity shines throughout. Reaffirming Nintendo as the leading software-maker within a progressively competitive industry, 3D World thoroughly deserves the success that must surely be headed its way.

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1850d ago
RAFFwaff1850d ago

Taken Rayman back to school!!! Hahaha

miklo841850d ago

Who could've predicted that the best game of this upcoming holiday season would be on the Wii U. Damn you Xmas!!! Have to wait until my kids open Mario 3d World in order to play it.

DarkZane1850d ago

Taking a break from the PS4 this weekend to play this and Zelda.

Starbucks_Fan1850d ago

Funny how the Wii U has better rated games than Xbox One and PS4

deafdani1850d ago

Not funny, just natural. Wii U has been out for a year now, while the PS4 just launched this past friday, and the Xbox One isn't out yet.

I'd expect the PS4 and Xbox One to have better rated games a year after their respective launches than they did when they launched.

Just common sense here.

live2play1850d ago

Deafdan oh you mean like how people were comparing wiius launch period to the amount oof games 7 year old consoles had

deafdani1850d ago

I already replied to you on that other comment where you told me exactly the same thing. Check it out.

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