Fanatec explain why their Forza CSR racing wheel won't work on Xbox One

VVV: "Several people have raised their concerns and we understand your disappointment but we also hope you see that there is nothing Fanatec could have done to make your wheels compatible to the new console. Technically it is probably possible to make an adapter but any device connecting to the Xbox 360 or Xbox One (incl. this adapter) needs to have a security chip module which can only be purchased from MS. So without the permission of MS we could only "crack" the security chip and this is not only illegal but would certainly ruin our relationship to MS and other platform owners," the statement reads on Facebook."

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darthv721825d ago

A bummer..yes but understandable. Fanatec is working on a new wheel it seems so it isnt all bad. Not all accessories can be forward/backward compatible.

It certainly would be nice to use what you have existing but not to out of the realm of understanding that these new platforms are going to want to promote new accessories to accompany them.

Myself, i am into fighting sticks and have gone the adapter route on a few only to find that they dont work all the time. so an inconvenience to a degree but i tend to get a dedicated stick for the platform in question instead of relying on adapters to try and do the job. Obviously a fighting stick isnt the same investment as a racing wheel but to fighting fans it can be.

mananimal1825d ago

its bad from the standpoint its costing more $$$ to have to purchase another steering wheel....,but thats MS for yah right.

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worldwidegaming1825d ago

Money money money MOOOOOOOONEY!

FamilyGuy1825d ago

MS need to release the adapter, they said there would be one months ago, i think they said it'd be $8 in fact.

Some company that doesn't care about their relationship could create the adapter if MS is dragging their feet on the project.

darthv721825d ago

i think you are confusing one adapter for another. i know there was rumor of a cheap headset adapter. something along the lines of $8-10 but that is the only "adapter" I have read about.

i dont follow the racing wheel scene so if im wrong i apologize.

FamilyGuy1825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )

You're right, that was a headset adapter.

pennywhyz1825d ago

At this point it doesnt mattter ill never buy another product from M$ or fanatec ever again because of this.fukin crooks sony dont pull shit like this and thats why their fanbase is so loyal.

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