Xbox 360: Why I Don’t Need to Upgrade

Why one Xbox 360 owner doesn’t believe the Xbox One is a gamers' necessity.

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ricochetmg1822d ago

Titan fall is on 360 so......why upgrade. Personally this game is over hyped.

Pogmathoin1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

Well said and honest, enjoy gaming on 360..... Al in all, I believe the best place to game last gen, though Ps3 came on very strong at the end....for me, the best place to play Fallout and skyrim....

Edit, Ps3freak, meet my beaver... :)
CrazyJack, your right, got PS4 and getting X1 tomorrow night, but still have Borderlands 2, Xcom, Dishonoured, Saints Row 3&4, Bioshock and any more to finish.... Jeez....married life with son really dents your play time.....

crzyjackbauer1822d ago

i really don't think there's a need to change consoles right now
i think after next years e3 i will pick up an xbone or ps4
right now theres to many games i need to play
i just finished GTAv and got Max Payne 3 and im having a blast with it
i stll have a long list of games i need to play
mass effect 3
fallout series
diablo 3
rdr undead dlc
TLOU <--need to borrow my bro's ps3
uncharted 3 <--same as above
halo wars
bioshock infinite
castlevania LOS
and i never finished Asassins creed II (really need to catchup on that series)

there's just to many good stuff still ou there
no need to buy an overpriced console with only 5 new games next years E3 is were the big guns come out

DoggyBiscuit1822d ago

U know who need to upgrade those who still owned the original Wii lol

PS3Freak1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

I only just bought my 360 two years ago and still have a lot of games to play.

I doubt I'll have an X1 before 2015.

Yes my name is PS3Freak and I do own an Xbox. I made the name 7 years ago when I was a PS3 fanboy. Things change.

Galletto31822d ago


war never changes.

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