Review: Contrast (DarkZero)

"Even though this is a review of the PC version of Contrast, there is no doubt in my mind that the game has been inevitably put in the spotlight, thanks to its inclusion as a free game in Sony’s PlayStation Plus for PlayStation 4. It probably wouldn't have been a big deal if it was originally planned to be featured, but when such a huge game as Drive Club is pulled out of the free games list, then a smaller game is obviously going to get some shifty looks as it tries to replace something that was, as the industry calls it, a AAA experience."

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callahan091828d ago

A quality review, well-written, and it takes the time to point out all of the various qualities one needs to be aware of in order to get an idea whether this game is for them. I loved the game, and this review does a good job of explaining the positive aspects of the game while still pointing out the very real and objectively present flaws. I think that's the important thing I'm learning about games, this industry, and criticism... A game can be flawed and have its problems, but still be well worth playing, as this game was for me. The graphics aren't the highest quality, the animation is certainly unimpressive, and there are its fair share of bugs and glitches that can impede progress or reduce immersion... But the art style, music, story, characters, and voice acting are all impressive and worth experiencing.

The game is short and fairly linear (though the majority of Act II can be tackled in any order, this doesn't give it much of a sense of freedom, but there is some free exploration available to you to find the hidden items), but the puzzles evolve effectively and logically from simple to complex and the game really showcases some fun and interesting puzzles and neat concepts. So for me, the interesting and creative puzzles and quality art & story presentation made it really worth playing, and frankly a pretty memorable experience, but a review wouldn't be complete without mention of its linearity, brevity, and bugs. So this review hit all the points I personally felt needed to be made. I appreciate that, and will bookmark DarkZero for future reviews, because I've been hungry for a site that writes quality, informative, fact-based reviews to help me decide what games are worth playing.