Three of Nintendo’s Biggest Holiday Titles Launching Friday

With the holiday season coming up, Nintendo is releasing three of their biggest games this season: "Super Mario 3D World," "The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds" and "Mario Party: Island Tour."

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ruefrak1828d ago

So does this hurt the Xbox One launch or does the Xbox One launch hurt sales of these games?

Stringerbell1828d ago

Depends if Nintendo fires their marketing department and replaces them with competent people to actually push the system. Perfect example lets further confuse the public by releasing the Wii Mini.

3-4-51828d ago

Mario & Loz are their own things, which are always going to sell well, regardless of the competition.

Fizzgig1828d ago

Zelda Limited Edition 3DSXL and Mario 3D world will be mine! My family may have to go without Christmas presents this year...

Bibmiester1828d ago

Sometimes sacrifices have to be made, they should understand lol

stragomccloud1828d ago

They should understand. lol