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Destructoid - "Mario and I go way back. Although I had dabbled in a few Atari games when I was younger, Super Mario Bros. for the NES was my first real game that I sat down and played from start to finish. Since then, I've collected and played every main series Mario game, adding a steady stable of all time favorites to my list. Why am I telling you all this, you may ask?"

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Neonridr1764d ago

Amazing. Friday cannot come soon enough. I should totally line up with all the people getting their XB1's and then when they ask me what I am there for I will proudly say 3D Mario World...

NukaCola1764d ago

Wow this is getting great reviews. The initial previews pinned it as just an HD remake of the 3DS game, but this is definitely a real winner here. Plus cats!

WeAreLegion1764d ago

Doing the same thing. I'm getting this and Tearaway. Lol.

HighResHero1764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

Further confirmation that a Wii U could be sitting next to my PS4 some day like many of us were thinking.
It looks like Nintendo is heading in the right direction.

InTheZoneAC1764d ago

or Legend of Zelda Link Between Worlds...

Neonridr1764d ago

well I am getting the Zelda 3DSXL so that comes with it.. going to be a great Friday.

3-4-51764d ago

You could have a legendary nostalgic gaming day to be honest. Enjoy it to the max.

Apex131764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

"ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?" Did we seriously expect anything less?

Gamers win and games will win not the power of my new console and soon to be consoles. 😁

kB01764d ago

To be fair the New super mario series has had it's ups and hasn't always pushed out the best quality games, this is especially true with the 3Ds version which was awful in comparison.

The best one of the series still stands on the original DS. It was harder and much more pixel precise jumping, compared to the more bloated newer ones with forgiveness:P

When Super Smash comes out, this + Smash will be what make me buy the Wii.U:)

Convas1764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

Wtih the library of excellent games growing ... guess I'll need to get a Wii U.


I've never owned a Nintendo console before. I've had a Gameboy Color, Advance, and SP though.

Hopefully, on top of X, and the new Zelda game, Ninty has some studio working on a fully fledged Wii U Kirby game, that would push me over the edge. And while they're at it, maybe a Wii U Pokemon game as well.

TMRBac1764d ago

Wii U Pokemon and Kirby are inevitable imho. Just might take awhile.

jacksons981764d ago

Happy to see WiiU get some love!

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