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Warframe fills a very interesting role in the PS4 launch lineup, introducing free-to-play to the new console with acrobatic space ninjas.

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amnalehu1792d ago

it a very good game and its free!

WeAreLegion1792d ago

If anyone is wondering, it plays sort of like Mass Effect 3's multi-player. Very fun game.

dartmyth1792d ago

it is fun but have no clue what to do to get new weapons and mods the tutorial is a waste most people know you shoot the enemy would be better if they explained how to do mods and upgrades

Zapala1792d ago

I agree. It is not very well explained. I still cannot do any of the special attacks that are mapped to the touchpad. According to the WIKI I have to level up but I cannot figure out how much I have to level.

Gamer1871792d ago

Go to the arsenal section > warframe >upgrade > place mods into slots

Embolado1792d ago

Free is good. I have not played it since its initial launch on PC but I do recall it being very bland design wise. Has it changed much from the PC release?

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