Heist Nabs 58 Xbox Ones More Than a Week Before Launch

The PlayStation 4 had two day-one robberies in the same city, but the clear winner in next-generation crime has to be the Xbox One. Fifty-eight of the consoles were stolen—and stolen a week ago—in Memphis, Tenn., where one unlucky customer has just been arrested.

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mitford1644d ago

They must know the serial numbers of the consoles which were stolen? at least they could ban them from Xbox live and as you have to do the day one update this would render them more or less useless

ChrisW1643d ago

Why ban when they can just have the police pay them a visit?

PS4isKing_821643d ago

Can I have one and a copy of forza 5 please? :D

Bathyj1643d ago

How is 58 Xboxes worth $58,000?

shivvy241643d ago

I ummm er honestly don't know :/

Manic20141643d ago

Its a pre-launch street value determined by the police.

ChrisW1643d ago

As one person pointed out on the site in the comments, "insurance." You ALWAYS claim more than its worth for insurance.

jay21643d ago

Yeah cause people will pay for a PS4, won't for a one, you'll see more robberies of the One just watch.

larrym1643d ago

Do you realize how fucking stupid your comment was??

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