Super Mario 3D World: The Kotaku Review

Kotaku - "I can't remember the last time Nintendo needed a game to be so good so badly. Super Mario 3D World is the first really big game for the company's beleaguered Wii U, the kind of game that the company hopes will turn curious bystanders into buyers. Or at least get current owners buying a Wii U game in a holiday season set to be dominated by the launches of the PS4 and Xbox One."

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Neonridr1848d ago

So happy to see the scores coming in. If there is any title that is going to help drive xmas sales it's the plumber. I have even seen commercials for the game on sports channels. It's crazy, Nintendo using TV marketing for their console?!?!

RAFFwaff1848d ago

The only thing im a little frustrated with is that Mario Kart 8 slipped to next year, you know? The double whammy of 3d World and Kart 8 would REALLY have pushed hardware sales without any doubt, as it did with the 3ds and Mario 3d Land/Mario Kart 7.

deafdani1848d ago (Edited 1848d ago )

Yeah, but on the other side, now the double whammy will consist of Mario Kart 8 AND Smash Bros Wii U, both of them releasing after Donkey Kong.

Serious business.

wonderfulmonkeyman1848d ago

True, but at the same time, if they put out too many big-hitters at one time, people wouldn't have enough to get all of them at once.
Best to space them out at least a little bit, IMO.

SpiralTear1848d ago

While I can understand the criticism of there being very little use of the Gamepad's unique functionalities with this game, comparing it to Galaxy seems hypocritical. Did Galaxy use motion controls much at all? Yeah, the pointer could be used and shaking the Wiimote to spin in mid-air was there, but aside from a few challenges that used motion controls, Galaxy's most defining feature was that it was just really, REALLY well-designed.

Like I said, I understand the feeling of there being too little Gamepad distinction, but I'd rather have a fantastic Mario game that sets the unorthodox controls to the side (but not removing them completely), while focusing on quality game design. From what I can gather, Super Mario 3D World does just that. My two cents, I guess.

xJumpManx1848d ago

What a reason to play my WiiU thanks Nintendo sure its a year late but its better than never.

deno1848d ago

Misleading title. This game is a day one purchase.