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GI - "A burst of turbo ignites a blue flame from my Dodge Challenger’s exhaust. At 150 mph, my eyes are fixated on the straightaway ahead. A slow-moving pedestrian vehicle forces me into oncoming traffic. If I can hold onto this lead, I’ll grasp gold in under a mile. The police aren’t going to make this easy. A spike strip forces me back into the right lane."

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Fizzgig1771d ago

I'll be purchasing this for the PS4 when I finally get my hands on one!

a08andan1771d ago

Pre-ordered this game today! I skipped racing entirely this generation tbh (Not counting Little Big Planet Karting) and this finally got me interested again. Can't wait for this and Driveclub and the Crew :D

ThatEnglishDude1771d ago

This game has been doing very well, critically. I rarely see a bad word about it. I think I said on another comment that Rivals has really jumped on my radar as of late. I'll definitely be picking this up at some point to fill in the gap between then and when DriveClub comes out.

hesido1771d ago

This looks quite beautiful but BF4 is 60fps and this is 30fps. It'd look really nice if they could have gotten this to work at 60fps without compromising the shaders. Could have accepted 900p or even 720p if it meant 60fps.

xlSAVAGElx1771d ago

Is this game worth getting? I'm missing Injustice & this game for the PS4.