Hideo Kojima talks Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes on PS4

On PS4, Kojima’s proprietary FOX Engine coats the game in a convincing layer of next-gen grit. Eerily lifelike character animations bring new punch to the game’s CQC, while a new global lighting system means that day and night pass realistically, complete with changes to guard behaviour and visibility.

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xHeavYx1772d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

I can't wait for this game, even though there are some things I already don't like, like the fact they got rid of rations. Not sure how to feel about that marking target system either, and the damage taken display reminds me more of burns than anything, but the graphics look very impressive. The part where the chopper goes down was great
Last complaint is at the 8:09 mark, that CQC action should be a lot shorter, I counted like 6 hits instead and the hit sequence when driving needs a little work

black0o1772d ago

for me it's

-the long waited FF15
-MGS5 / uncharted

Transporter471771d ago

I would add the Last Guardian to that list.

Irishguy951771d ago

Ze good list

I would add in...
X...for the WiiU. Even though I will probably never have a Wii U haha :(

ErryK1771d ago

Can't believe KH3 isn't on that list.

abzdine1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

i will copy/paste what i wrote on the blog:

"""i am very disappointed after seeing the video.. there are so many details missing.
i wish i could help the team improving the game because i would have made the game feel much more like real life, especially with more powerful consoles.
I am not buying this game if it stays like this, the AI is bad, the cover system lacks realism and the truck driving is really disappointing. i was expecting Snake ducking down while driving just to give the game more life."""

sorry if i only see negative things, but it's the least we could expect from new hardware. not only graphics being more realistic but mostly enemy and characters behavior MUST be more human.
i feel like Kojima's attention to details is disappearing overtime. in MGS4 snake had pain in his back when he's bending over for too long time, now he can even run in that position. don't tell me it's because he was old because he could still hang over ledges and do crazy stuff.

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-Foxtrot1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

I'm sorry...what....THEY GOT RID OF RATIONS

How did I bloody miss this :|

Oh for goodness sake Kojima, it seems like he has all these new ideas which could of been done in a new IP but he's using MGS for more sales.

Guys best thing to do is just hold off and wait for MGSV when it goes cheap with Ground Zeros included.

xHeavYx1771d ago

It was reported a long time ago
It appears that there won't be as many cut scenes either, to make it more appealing to the western culture I guess =/

Lovable1772d ago

This will blow brains once its released

Playstationologist1771d ago

Kojima has always had love for Playstation. It was surprising to see MGS V going to Xbox after some of his comments over the years but I am all for it. It's nice to know a top tier game like MGS is coming Spring of 2014, even if it's only a taste of the whole story!

Detoxx1771d ago

I hope they improve the explosions, really looks bad compared to every other thing.

Persistantthug1771d ago


They've got Diablo 3 and Sim City.

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The story is too old to be commented.