GTA Online Beach Bum Update is Now Available

Good news for the people who love GTA Online but got bored of it. The Beach Bum update, now available on both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360! The Beach Bum content comes as a free update to GTA Online and Grand Theft Auto V’s Story Mode as part of the latest “Title Update (1.06)”. You can go and download it Right now. Alongside additional game updates, Beach Bum update includes:

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JeffGUNZ1770d ago

...And they nerfed the payouts for races now. Awesome, no legit way to make decent money and are trying to force people to buy their cashcards,

porkChop1770d ago

Yeah it's hilarious because before the game was released Rockstar promised that the game would be balanced so that you wouldn't need to buy cash cards. Yet with every single update they keep making it harder and harder to earn money. It just comes across as extremely greedy and I expected a hell of a lot better from Rockstar.

JeffGUNZ1770d ago

Exactly. They also stated it would never cause a balance issue, yet it does because now people can purchase the money for the fastest cars, all the weapons upgrades, etc. They also advertised heists at launch and that has yet to be even given a release date. Also, you know they are going to nerf heists to hardly anything.

Lord_Sloth1770d ago

They also promised online heists. I'm still waiting on even a release estimate for those....

porkChop1770d ago

Oh yeah I know, if they're making it this hard to earn money then the heists will likely have worthless payouts as well if they ever even come out.

It's pretty obvious now that Rockstar treated GTA V and Online as 2 separate games so that Online wouldn't bring down the review scores for V.

Zancruz1770d ago

Forget the money they nerfed the RP payout! And that's just ridiculous... I'm still trying to get my second character to Lv100, Now he's gonna be stuck at Lv67 forever. I won a full 8 player race with randoms and got 1500RP & $3000... That's sad!

Rockstar is ruining GTA online more than the Glitchers/Hackers has!

JeffGUNZ1770d ago

They are actually just catering and making it better for the cheaters.

BattleTorn1770d ago

I actually created a topic about this over on IGN Boards, moments ago.

My question being: What is an acceptable amount of time, as a consumer, to be able to say "I've moved on, and I was never given the opportunity to play the content that was advertized to me"?

See it here:

When can we consumers sue on false advertisement?

porkChop1770d ago

If something is advertised as being available at launch, and come launch day the content isn't there, that is false advertising. There's no time limit or anything like that.

BattleTorn1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

I'm not sure if they ever specified a date.

Ironically, I believe when they introduced the (missing) content, they immediately followed with "and later we'll be adding (content creator, ect)"

Some people have responded saying that the lawsuit would fail because they can prove it's a "work in progress" - but I believe a decent lawyer would prove that it's unreasonable to expect consumers to keep their discs, and keep playing, for as long as it takes for the developers to delivery

310dodo1770d ago

I was such a huge supporter of GTA Online
I loved it then one day its one else is playing this, everything cost so much money.

Rockstar needs t open everything up and make it more fun.

El_Colombiano1770d ago

I seem to be the only one who loves playing GTA Online.

yezz1770d ago

I like it too!

People are complaining about the RP now? I'm already over 60lvl and I don't even play that often. It would be stupid to have all players being over 100lvl before the end of the year.. It just seems like people wan't everything immediately nowadays and don't wan't to play the actual game that much.

Maybe there should be a different server for players that are given everything from the start so everyone would be happy ;P

Zancruz1770d ago

Damn right I'm complaining! I'm all for grinding to get where I wanna be through Missions/ Races/ Deathmatchs and etc, But I also want to be compensated properly for my hard work. I play missions on Hard just for the 1.5 RP boost, Then I waste more time and ammo than the mission is worth. That's just plan retarded.

I don't see how you don't see a problem with that?

yezz1769d ago

Well yeah the actual missions should pay more especially if it's a long one but I've never had a problem with the RP.

You don't seem to enjoy the missions because you're goal is to get all the money and RP.. Maybe try to take a different approach to the game and enjoy the missions with you're friends..?

This is a partial problem in game industry nowadays, all the games include some sort of rank system to you to get hooked and the real enjoyment from gameplay fades.

thricetold1769d ago

So you wouldn't have any problem if you went to work tomorrow and your boss tells you that you no longer will be paid your regular pay for your 8 hr work day anymore? That instead you should just enjoy doing what you do as compensation as a reward? Its the same thing. Time is money and why waste time for reduced pay? Just asking...

yezz1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

Dude you're comparing work to a freaking videogame?! Definitely not the same thing. I'm not saying I'm all happy about this patch but I'm not taking it that seriously..

El_Colombiano1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

I actually hardly do missions. My friends and I blew all of our money on weapons so that when we died doing stupid shit we enjoyed doing randomly, we weren't taxed for it. I could not care less about leveling or money. I just wanted San Andreas to mess around in with a friend and I got that and so much more. Plus, if they're being greedy trying to make money off players, why the hell did they give out half a million dollars to every single person?

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