Aksys Games Takes Real Risks

Japanese visual novels aren't very well known here. Yet, Aksys Games makes quite the effort to localize titles like Hakuoki and Zero Escape for a Western audience.

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jc485731791d ago

they do take a lot of risks unlike other companies that don't

admiralvic1791d ago

To be fair, a lot of companies take "real risks".

Atlus has taken countless risks and many of them paid off.
NISA takes a risk whenever they localize an Idea Factory, Gust or similar game.
Koei took a risk on localizing Kaizoku Musou 1/2 and Hokuto Musou 1/2.
Sega took a lot of risks, though I don't think they have the cash to do it anymore.

MWH1791d ago

of the bunch, I believe SEGA took the most risks and some where ahead of their time.

it's unfortunate how things has ended.

Blank1791d ago

Oh most definetly they do take great risks and me personally I show my appreciation by buying their games, and collectors items/editons. I love Aksys! And so does my wallet and consoles.

MightyNoX1791d ago

Love Aksys. I do my job and buy their games.

DCfan1790d ago

I love all niche publishers. Especially Atlus, cuz Persona and Catherine. I have a long way of acquiring every Nisa and gust's games though.