Turtle Beach now has PS4 conversion cables for PS3 headsets

PS4Daily: "If you have a Turtle Beach headset designed to work with the PS3, you’re probably a bit bummed that it doesn’t work with PlayStation 4 out of the box. Don’t worry, as Turtle Beach has you covered."

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xHeavYx1827d ago

$7 is not too bad. I'll wait for the update though

DrRobotnik1827d ago

Awesome news!! That will save me the money I need, and use to get another game.

overlordror1827d ago

Happy to see Turtle Beach getting these out almost alongside the console launch. Saves a lot of cash having to invest in new peripherals.

lxBlack_Venomxl1827d ago

My turtle beach already works with the ps4
I have px21's but it's just chat
As in game audio I can not get. If that's what they mean then I'm getting one for sure

UnHoly_One1827d ago

All I want is a simple wireless headset.

I hate being tethered to my controller.