Why you shouldn’t upgrade the PS4 Hard Drive to SSD

PS4Daily: "Test show that it's best to stick with the PS4′s default 500 GB Hard Drive. If you’re running out of space and want to upgrade to a larger drive, go with a 1TB Hybrid Drive."

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2pacalypsenow1826d ago

you can only have a few games with 250gb not worth it i rather buy a TB for like $100

AlexanderNevermind1826d ago

Yup. I went with the Seagate 1TB sshd. So far I have no issues

bujasem_891826d ago

Does the ps4 support 2TB?? cuz I kinda regret only upgrading to 1TB... It will be good for now.. but I just know backing up and restoring is gonna be a pain in the ass.

Merrill1826d ago

No. 1.5GB at the most.

overlordror1826d ago

Yeah I'd rather go with a larger hard drive than what's available in terms of SSD.

ShutUpDonny1826d ago

The stock 500gb is enough for me. Even if I download everything, I usually play one game at a time and almost never come back once it's finished. There too many great games coming out all the time and not enough time to replay the classics. You can always redownload them if you want, why bother changing the HDD ?

BRAD-RIDGE1826d ago

i understand. i couldn't get pass half the games they offered through psplus, it's just ridiculous how many games they gave u and how much time you have in the day to play them.

weirdo1826d ago

gonna stick with the stock 500gb until the 2tb m9t becomes available

CyberSentinel1826d ago

Ditto. I almost got a 1.5tb drive, but decided to wait for that exact drive as well. Knack should of been the digital game they tested, since knack was the disc based game they tested. I guess because a game like Killzone might have more assets to load, it might be the reason it took longer to load then a disc based game?

GryestOfBluSkies1826d ago

damn. should have gotten a hybrid drive for $20 more... i got a 1tb 5400 rpm drive because it was the 'recommended' one. i wasnt sure if the hybrid drives would be safe

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