MCM London Comic Con Highlights

Did you attend the MCM London Comic Con last month? Didn’t and wish you had? Well, today Electronic Theatre brings you the opportunity to look through the highlights of the event through the eyes of a gamer: all the biggest videogame titles, the best stands and the best cosplayers from the show floor.

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badman11766d ago

i had an amazing time, please approve

ATiElite1765d ago

Looks like the Highlights are spilling out of her shirt!

GenericNameHere1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

Power Girl, oh Power Girl. I hope you never come to the big screen. They'll probably give you a "realistic and gritty" costume, and probably be played by an actress that doesn't even come close to a double D cup, let alone have triple Z Kryptonian tig ol' bitties.

shaun mcwayne1766d ago

I would like to see a fight break out at one of these events.

Just so I could see a group of stormtroopers kick the crap out of pikachu or something.

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