Die4Games Review Ratchet & Clank Into the Nexus

Since 2009′s Crack in Time, developer Insomniac Games have been messing about with Ratchet & Clank’s established formula. We saw the duo being thrown into Co-operative play in All-4-One then defending bases in a sort of tower DEFENSE in Full Frontal Assault. While a developer should never shy away from experimenting, the results were a mixed bag and many fans were crying out for Ratchet to go back to it’s roots. Insomniac listened and the result is Into the Nexus – a-back-to-it’s-roots gig and serves as an epilogue to the Lombax and his little robotic companion’s adventures on the PS3. Don’t know about you but I’m slightly nervous, it’ll be a crying shame to see such a legendary series to go out with such a whimper so shall we check it out?

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