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"Over the years, Need for Speed suffered the indignity of being carted around to multiple developers, all trying to take it in multiple directions all at once, as it tried to survive EA's incessant annualization. "

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Retroman1850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

and it still being pass around to bad dev. criterion, ghost games... only GOOD dev. NFS had was EA CANADA,BLACKBOX STUDIO,EDIOS Studio.3DO, PS1,PS2 era.....

1OddWorld1850d ago

@GT67 - Did you finally get your hands on this game? I'm still waiting on your review.

Retroman1850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

not a cold day in Hell will i buy this game. yea,yea,yea i know quite whining then.
but will say from video gameplay on youtube dont look impressive enough for me to buy. if the game mechanic was like blackbox studio HOTPURSUIT 2 AND UNDERGROUND would you need my review??

im not being negative on NFS i love the game been playing since 3DO,PS1,PS2 days yeah, i know generation change but this generation missing out what NFS really all about the feel of speed to finishline not a continuation of searching and driving to next event and using autolog/alldrive crap. if you are good the THRILL of crashing into cops along the way in HOT!!