Super Mario 3D World brings star quality to Wii U | CVG review

CVG: "By contrast, there are no fanfares in Super Mario 3D World's opening stage, no grandiose introductions. A brief piece of scene-setting sees a fairy kidnapped by Bowser - hey, it makes a change from Peach - and Mario, along with Luigi, Toad and the princess herself, sets off to rescue her and her winged friends from the Sprixie Kingdom. By trimming away the narrative fat, it shows just how keen Nintendo is to cut to the chase, to welcome you into this new world - even if the initial reaction is one of mild concern. By consciously moving away from Galaxy's epic sweep, is EAD Tokyo also taking a step back?"

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Fanboyssuck271799d ago

I wish Sony could make quality 1st party games like this, as they can't I'm goin to wait till next year when the price drops before I pick up a ps4 as its only really worth getting for 3rd party games.

deafdani1799d ago

Wow, your name couldn't be more ironic, could it?

I love Nintendo, and the Wii U is my main console, but come on, man. Sony has plenty of superb exclusive games, and even Microsoft has a couple (although, admitedly, nowhere near close to Sony and Nintendo).

clouds51799d ago

Wow I haven't seen scores like this in loooong time :O except the last of us maybe^^

Great times to own a wii u.

deafdani1799d ago

And Grand Theft Auto V, and a few months ago, Bioshock Infinite.

deafdani1799d ago

Lol @ whoever disagreed with me, when I stated a fact, not an opinion (the games I mentioned have been critically acclaimed, just like Last of Us and Mario 3D World).