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Itching for some explosive Kung-fu action? Than look no further than Sleeping dogs, released on the 14th August 2012, developed by United Front Games, published by Square Enix and Namco Bandai! For this review I hope to cover whether you should consider going back and playing this game by looking at the good stuff and the not so good stuff, but first, what is Sleeping Dogs about?

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irokster1854d ago

Good game. I heard that they might be making a sequel. I hope it comes to next gen consoles.

Yi-Long1853d ago

I hope that this time the devs will do the fantastic city of Hong Kong justice.

True Crime was a good game, but the potential was there for it to be a GREAT game.

I really hope the sequel will live up to that potential. So many possibilities to bring endless improvements.

ElementX1853d ago

It's way too soon to do a "flashback" review. Sleeping Dogs just came out a year ago.

GeekedoutNation1853d ago

Our Website does flashback reviews for any game being reviewed that is over a year old

badz1491853d ago

have yet to play GTAV yet (I know, shocking, right?) but Sleeping Dogs >>>>>>>&g t;>>> GTAIV, that's for sure!

Kurt Russell1853d ago

I have to agree, on a technical side GTA 5 wins hands down... but I just liked Sleeping Dogs more. Kung Fu is awesome.