The Xbox One controller: What’s new with the analog sticks and D-pad

GamesBeat's Dan Hsu: In part two of our exclusive inside look at the new Xbox One controller, we examine just how much work Microsoft put into improving not just the D-pad (it’s leagues better now) but also the analog sticks that you probably felt didn’t need any particular tweaking (not necessarily “leagues” better, but this writer definitely wouldn’t want to go back to the old style now).

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kenthegreat11850d ago

Xbox One's analog sticks: Now ribbed for my pleasure.

Raistlinhawke1850d ago

Really glad to see the effort that went behind the d-pad changes.

darkronin2291850d ago

I laughed at the "volcano" bits. Never really thought of them in that way.

Sadie21001850d ago

It's weird that the analog pads are smaller. What if you have man hands/thumbs?

JeffGrubb1850d ago

Fat thumbs can have their DualShock 4s! ... (I have fat thumbs)

wita1850d ago

So glad that addressed those D-pads. Ugh.