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GIZORAMA - The biggest head shaking moment of 2012 was the announcement of Angry Birds Star Wars when it released on mobile devices. People questioned what Angry Birds and Star Wars had in common. The answer was nothing but a cute and fun time. A year later we now have a console release of the Rovio Entertainment developed and published title (with a little help from Activision.) Now the biggest head shaking moment 2013 outside of the Xbox One fiascos is the price of the retail/digital release of the console version. The current asking price is $39.99 which is about $35 more than the most expensive mobile versions at launch. It’s not without precedent since Angry Birds Trilogy launched at the same price tag but it included the first 3 games and bonus content. Despite cheaper offerings the real question is the quality of content the game provides. As with most Rovio titles, Angry Birds Star Wars exudes quality content with the 200 mobile levels plus 20 new console exclusive levels.

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