Twinfinite - The World's First Bias-Free Review of COD: Ghosts

Twinfinite's Henry McMunn hates bias - almost as much as you, Internet User. As such, he went to painful lengths to write a 100% bias-free review of the latest Call of Duty.

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4logpc1825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )

Review is alright, but when you point out you are "unbiased" it just screams that you are biased.

Mr_cheese1825d ago

Haha, I actually enjoyed that read

Thehyph1825d ago

Me too.

The "millions of people are never wrong." link was priceless. I laughed

pompombrum1825d ago

Lol, I'm assuming it's a joke review.

johny51825d ago

The trees and leaves look like leather! The flora looks like it's stuck in time! The player goes through objects as the title suggests "GHOSTS"

The water looks worse then the first Far Cry game! The animations are more wooden then Oblivion and a last gen game "Uncharted 3" shits all over this in every way imaginable!

In my "opinion" Goldeneye is more innovative and that's a 17 year old game!