Cloud Gaming: Xbox Live Compute

The next generation is here, and we’ve heard a lot about cloud-based technologies being introduced on the new consoles. One mentioned over the past year is Sony’s Gaikai, which will add backward compatibility to the PS4. It will be able to stream PS3 games digitally to Sony’s new system, and the service is said to be launching in the U.S. in 2014. Another, which is available now to developers, is Microsoft’s cloud computing technology known as Xbox Live Compute. The latter is what we focus on in this feature. With a lot of potential being boasted by Microsoft, we wanted to look into what the service will offer and what concerns or problems have been talked about over the past few months.

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neocores1823d ago

OnLive used the cloud and never seen anyone talk about now that both systems are getting it. Its a big deal now -.-

OMGitzThatGuy1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

It had game streaming not processing, Xbox One supposedly has the ability to stream certain assets to lighten the load on the local hardware, OnLive or PS4 does no such things.

malokevi1823d ago

XB1 is designed from the ground up for Cloud computing. The ethernet port is connected directly to the main soc... almost everything else is on the southbridge (wi-fi, usb, kinect, hdd, etc..). on a PC the ethernet port is on the southbridge as well.

Consider this. The HDMI out is connected to the main soc. Why? Latency. you want to push the frame out as fast as possible.

Here's a tidbit regarding the move engines that was published a while ago. Notice the frequent use of the term "Off-chip":

"The canonical use for the LZ decoder is decompression (or transcoding) of data loaded from off-chip from, for instance, the hard drive or the network. The canonical use for the LZ encoder is compression of data destined for off-chip."

Something to do with compression, and moving data between RAM regions.

Not gonna pretend I understand most of it. At this point, I'm not sure anyone but MS does. But I wouldn't discount all the technical data. I also wouldn't discount MS' unbelivable investment in the cloud.

"Microsoft Azure was 56% faster than AWS S3 when it came to writing data into its cloud, and 39% faster when reading data. "

" Azure was 25% faster on average compared to AWS S3 when performing a repetitive task every 60 seconds for 30 days. "

What does this all mean to me? Well, I've been obsessing over it for months. My verdict is that MS is going to deliver online, MMO, and persistent worlds unlike anything we have every seen before.

I'm extremely excited by the prospects. Online gaming is my muse, and I love the idea of watching it explode. As a console gamer, after being left out of the MMO world, this is the thing I'm most excited for in the coming generation.

The infrastructure is there. The hardware is there. Now, all we need is some killer software...

Blackdeath_6631823d ago

except that is merely speculation and dreams at this point

JasonKCK1823d ago

Blackdeath_663 no it's not.

P0werVR1823d ago

that's streaming buddy. Easier to implement and as you stated NOT a huge factor into gaming. This is computing, two different things. You confuse the term cloud.

PS4 does NOT have cloud computing, nor is it design into it's architecture. Azure will be a HUGE benefit for first party developers or developers who want to utilize it. Expect some very interesting gameplay this gen.

strickers1823d ago

But Cloud computing pales in power next to local hardware advantage. That's what most people seem to fail to understand. Plus, it can be done on PS4. It's serverside processing.

MorePowerOfGreen1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )


Streaming games from the cloud is not cloud compute game design.

Xbox One was built from the ground up on the hardware side and software side to be satellite hardware for 300,000 Azure cloud compute servers.

PS4 is no more on par with what MSFT's Platform, than PS eye and the DS4 touch pad is on par with Kinect and the Wii-U tablet.

This was posted on reddit. Seemed interesting(Specs in piece are outdated though)

OrangePowerz1823d ago

Azure main design goal is not for games either, it was first developed for all the MS software range of products such as SkyDrive, office 365 and so on.

MysticStrummer1823d ago

There's nothing special about XB1 that allows cloud computing. If MS truly designed their system from the ground up to do something that most potential customers in the biggest gaming market wont be able to take advantage of because of their internet speed, MS really needs to go back to the drawing board and rethink their business practices.

Also, how long will it be before XB fans admit those 300,000 servers aren't just for the XB? All MS's cloud enabled business and personal software will have a bigger presence on those virtual servers than XB1 will.

JasonKCK1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

Cloud computing on X1 is really just an extra tool for developers that wish to use it. Not all developers will use it, or even need it. The cloud on X1 and PS4 will really only benefit those who have broadband connection with no data caps. The biggest advantages will be for online games with big worlds like MMO's at the start. People shouldn't confuse "cloud computing" with "cloud streaming" because it's not the same thing.

nasnas761823d ago

Cloud computing has been common practice for most entry to mid-level animation studios (high-level studios typically that they have local render farms). I really can see this being super beneficial.

When I was contracted to do some rendering videos, a typical scene on my 16-core processor PC took a scene took 16 hours to render. Once we paid for online render farms (cloud computing essentially) similar scenes can take 5-30 minutes (pending on how many PCs we bought).

Now for the current gaming industry, real-time rendering probably can't exist anytime soon without a ridiculous internet speed. But it can pre-process data online then store the data locally until ready to be executed when called for. This will leave the local processor to handle different tasks while able to execute complex commands far greater than a local sole-processor can accomplish.

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sovietsoldier1823d ago

i think people will enjoy matchmaking and private server usage as a Hugh deal later on. sometimes its the small things that add up to big things and i think that where the cloud will shine.

ATiElite1822d ago

Dat Picture!!!! One Word : Skynet!

or two words: Server Farm

(which ever one makes you happy)

looking forward to XB1 cloud gaming capabilities as this is the ONLY Next Gen feature i really see in ANY so called Next Gen console.

(although some PC Games currently use CLoud Gaming Support i think MS has a bigger vision....hopefully)