Xbox One: Microsoft Figuring Out how to Bring "Versions" of Family Sharing Back, Some Can't Happen

Family Sharing was doubtlessly one of the best features in the DRM-driven concept of the Xbox One before the policy reversal, but Director of Product Planning Albert Penello told Penny Arcade today that the company is trying out how to bring back at least part of the feature, while not everything will work with the current model.

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Insomnia_841791d ago

How about they tell us first how it was supposed to work with all the DRM before and WHY it can't be done now that much of it is gone??

Dlacy13g1791d ago

they did tell you... it involved you having to check in every 24hrs online to verify your games. Now that that is gone...somethings that would use that 24 check-in to validate the games wont work like installing to your harddrive and not needing a disc check. The disc check prevents you from keeping a digital copy and selling the disc to gamestop. So yeah...something like that needs a different work around if its ever gonna work.

gaffyh1791d ago

As far as we knew, family sharing was nothing more than glorified game trials on PSN. I don't think MS will ever bring it back, I think this is just lip service to make you think that it might come.

Dlacy13g1791d ago

At this point I don't expect more than what has already been put forward. Maybe gifting of games will come back in some form but that will be it for the near future. Installing games from disc and not having to load the disc back in to play would have been nice but not a "need to have".

There is a lot of lip service being tossed around and not just on the MS front. "We will look into that" has become the new corporate phrase for the Next Gen.

Grown Folks Talk1791d ago

They posted the policy on Xbox Wire on June 6th. The reversal was June 18th/19th. Lack of reading comprehension. It was full games.

AngelicIceDiamond1791d ago

Optional DRM. I dunno if its as easy as it sounds but I'm tellin you it would be perfect.

gaffyh1791d ago

@Grown Folks Talk - Major Nelson actually suggested it was more like game trials, in a video interview with Angry Joe.

Grown Folks Talk1790d ago

No he didn't. He used a common phrase "check it out", & people acted as if they've never heard the term. "Let me borrow your Eminem cd so I can check it out." Do you get 30 second samples of each song when you borrow a friend's cd? No.

Bullet point 4. When you take Forza to a friend's house, does it turn into a demo? No.

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P0werVR1791d ago (Edited 1791d ago )

They tried to tell people, but people were enjoying too much of the kool-aid Sony served up. Like a herd led over the cliff.

Day One Gaming Stamina

gaffyh1791d ago

Please remove your head from Microsoft's ass.

P0werVR1791d ago (Edited 1791d ago )

Same to you!

Seems like the effects of the hype syndrome is in it's crashing phase.

There is no denying Microsoft made a better console than Sony. Streamlined entertainment and fun.

Captain Qwark 91791d ago

powervr is right. too many people kept asking how but didnt listen to a single word ms was saying they were too busy screaming "DRM blah blah blah" obviously in order to do any sort of digital sharing, drm needs to be in place or i go to the store, buy, install, take it to 5 different friends houses, repeat, trade in at store.

@gaffyh is right too though. they did leave out the aspect where it was only a timed demo of a full game until the end. if it was legit sharing the full copy with a couple friends and family, i would have backed it 100% even with the drm. a timed demo however makes the feature much less exciting

Kayant1791d ago

"I think people liked the family sharing stuff a lot. So we’re going to figure out ways to bring versions of that in"

Versions?? What does he mean here? Does anyone know? iirc Family sharing was not in versions and worked in one way through a main folder which 10 people can access but only one person can play the same game at a time.

If they really wanted to bring it back they could make a system where you opt-in into it and it only works for DD games & for Authentication they can have their always online policy for verification of ownership.

Abriael1791d ago (Edited 1791d ago )

Considering that they're still figuring out, I think they don't know precisely as well.

By "versions" he means a variation on the same theme I guess, since the original form can't work in the current ecosystem.

Kayant1791d ago

That's understandable but call me sceptical I still have a hard time believing it was going to work as they explained it. As there don't seem to be many restrictions expect from two people not being able to play the same game at the same time.

The whole idea seemed like it could result in publishers/devs losing almost the *same* amount of money they lose in the second-hand market. There was the benefit that they would get some money from the second-hand market through the fee MS were going to charge & the traditional disc-based ownership was gone.

For example if I wanted to borrow a friend a game normally that would be one lost sale. With the new policies if I gift the game that could make my get another one if I liked the game a lot or I could have shared it through family sharing which again is a lost sale.

So what I don't get is how these policies were going to be that beneficial to publishers/devs?

JohnnyTower1791d ago

I'm just glad that Xbox gold finally applies to everyone who shares the console. It drives me nuts that my gf can't access content on my Xbox because I'm the only one with a Gold subscription.

MasterCornholio1791d ago (Edited 1791d ago )

It makes sharing systems a lot easier without having to buy a family gold bundle (whatever the heck it was called)

Honest_gamer1791d ago

Can any one tell me the diffrence between this and psn game sharing other than with this you have to sign in every 24 hours also does anyone know if game sharing is still on ps4? me and my fiance normally got halfers on digital games and share them wouldnt mind that continuing

WeAreLegion1791d ago

I'm buying a digital game later today. I'll let you know if my brother can download it on my account and play it on his PS4.

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