LocoCycle Interview: Xbox One is Extremely Powerful Device, Increased Performance Was Huge Help

Twisted Pixel's marketing manager Jay Stuckwisch talks about the Xbox One, SmartGlass and upcoming launch title LocoCycle.

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Insomnia_841850d ago

Coming from a dev how made the lowest scored next gen game with last gen graphics, I don't know what to think.

kiz26941850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

Oh you beat me to it, really doesn't mean much coming from this dev. And to say they achived this game with an increased performance was a major mistake.

Comnnsence1849d ago

At least 1 out 500+ developers admits it's "A powerful device".

heliumhead20301850d ago

I was gonna say but this game is trash

Xsilver1850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

Don't insult last gen like that the game looks like a PS2 gen game.

GryestOfBluSkies1850d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

saying lococycle has last gen graphics might be overselling it. i watched the gametrailers review and thought it could run on the original xbox

edit: for those who disagree, please reply because id love to hear why you think this game looks good

Ausbo1849d ago

yeah they obviously missed the mark with lococycle, but twisted pixel is a really good dev. Theyve made some awesome arcade games for the 360

christocolus1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

They are really good devs..i agree...this probably turned out to be one of those games...i still have alot of faith in them..loved their other titles..splosion man and gunstringer and they seem to be working on some other titles though..hopefully they will prove themselves once more and make good use of the hardware .dont relent guys..just keep doing your best.

ElementX1849d ago

Every company is allowed a dud occasionally. Twisted Pixel also developed The Maw, 'Splosion Man, Comic Jumper, Ms 'Splosion Man... those were all pretty good

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ZBlacktt1850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

What we've learned :

After console launch: bash the crap out of it with story after story.

Before launch: OMG I cannot wait, this is going to be the best thing ever!

trancefreak1849d ago

Sums it up nicely!

The internet seems a tad quieter though with the release of the PS4.
I have a lot of friends constantly on their PS4s who jumped up from a Ps3 or xbox.

sincitysir11849d ago

I noticed that too. Once everyone has their new shiny toy the war can stop. Domination can begin ;)

xHeavYx1849d ago

But, but... I played this game at that convention I never really went to, and it was the next gen greatness!

ZBlacktt1849d ago

lol, you just never know huh? We should have met up when I was up there. You from Seattle? I'm down here in Portland.

user74029311850d ago

so extremely powerful it can run battlefield 4 in 720p

AutoCad1850d ago

but it can run forza in 60fps.
cough driveclub cough

Chris5581850d ago

yea because forza has prebaked lighting no day night cycle 200cars instead 500 and so on they made compromisses too have 60 fps get reckt

stuna11850d ago

Which is a totally new IP using next gen assets!

neocores1850d ago

What drive club will be 1080p 60fps and looked more realistic then forza? is that what your trying to say?

FITgamer1850d ago

Static environments *cough No night racing *cough no weather effects *cough...any body have a Ricola?

kiz26941850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

Learn how hardware works, and how some games are more resource intensive than another. Racing games are the least intensive, not saying there bad, I love a good racing game, but on the hardware side they really don't require much. On the driveclub dig, I wouldn't say if looks better or worse they both are showing racing in two different artistic styles and it being delayed is a good thing, rather have it improved than broke.

Xsilver1850d ago

*Cough been in development before forza 4 shipped and still doesn't do as much stuff as GT6 *Cough GT6 runs at 60 fps too Cough cough damn must be a flu going around.

VENOMACR12271850d ago


So you consider an unproven game better than Forza because it has night racing and rain? Yea, I'd def buy a game because I can race at night and in rain, totally worth a purchase. Who cares about car physics, tuning, parts, customization, online multiplayer, auction's all about rain and night time.

malokevi1849d ago

I think you all need some cough drops.

FITgamer1849d ago

@Veno Way to twist my comment. Did i say Drive Club was better? All i was implying is that the fact that the Forza 5 is at 60 fps isn't that impressive considering there isn't a lot going on in the game.

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VENOMACR12271850d ago

Yet Knack in gorgeous 1080p is getting terrible reviews. I guess in 1080p you can see more flaws too. Stop getting hung up on resolution. If the game isn't good, who cares about the resolution. You can take a turd and polish it, but in the end it's still a turd.

Xsilver1850d ago

Me personally i don't think they used that power.

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