Sterling Avoids Legitimate Concerns about Journalism Ethics

Some game journalists posted pictures of themselves with free PS4s that they received from a Sony review event in New York. These pictures angered some readers who questioned why journalists should receive “gifts” from video game companies. As someone who earned a journalism degree, I understand where some readers are coming from. It’s a fundamental question raised in journalism ethics class: should reviewers receive free services or products for review? Any good journalism teacher will tell you that if you accept free services or products, you open yourself up to legitimate concerns about conflicts of interest.

- Jed Pressgrove, Fate of the Game

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sincitysir11770d ago

It's kinda hard to say no to a free 400 bucks. But I do agree it puts a journalist integrity on the chopping block

sigfredod1770d ago

If this was really a concern all the big publishers and manufacturers would get only 9+ scores and thats not the case

CustardTrout1770d ago

I want a free PS4, screw you Sony.

2cents1770d ago


that Ps4 Licking at the end was hilarious!!!

VanDamme1770d ago

I disrespectfully agree.

VanDamme1770d ago

These journalist go to these events and have to subject themselves to countless cosplay ass and tits. I mean, that's a hard days work and they deserve some relief... Sometimes you feel like getting a nut, sometimes you feel like a ps4.

VanDamme1769d ago

I don't mind the disagree, but I'm curious:

are you disagreeing that a journalist needs relief after hours of cosplay pa'chalk being thrown in his face?

or that sometimes you feel like getting a nut *slash* feeling like a ps4?

I could just have easily said, sometimes you feel like getting a nut, sometime you feel like a xbone

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The story is too old to be commented.