Xbox One SmartGlass App Launches on Windows Phones

"SmartGlass allows users to control menus, browse Achievements, and more."

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crypticphildz1615d ago

@timotim I like it so far, can't wait to get my Xbox One to really try it out on Friday!!

Droidbro1615d ago

Great, now how about you release the app for a platform that is owned by more than six people?

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GiantEnemyCrab1615d ago

I take it the Smart Glass app currently on the iPhone won't work with the XB1? I will keep my eye out for the app on the app store.

Zapala1615d ago

The old app is currently for the 360. The new app is for the Xbox One

GiantEnemyCrab1615d ago

Thanks for the info. I grabbed the new one off the app store. +helpful