PS4 biggest launch in Canadian gaming history, says Sony

Sony Canada exec Steve Turvey also notes importance of maintaining brand loyalty for "extremely small" number with defective PS4s

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ZBlacktt1853d ago

I bet Europe clears a million consoles as well. With 2014 looking mind blowing good in exclusives and 3rd party content first. They are setting themselves up for much success.

Anarki1853d ago

Europe will most definitely sell more than 1mill, it's Sony's strongest region. Really hoping the failure rate stays away from EU though, don't want to get my console to have to send it off again, that would kill me.

noctis_lumia1853d ago

europe wil lsale way more than a mil N.america did
cause europe is sony base

neocores1853d ago

I think they will sell over 1mil in 12hrs

Thehyph1853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

They pulled another hype move that was false. The New York event was the same.

Midnight in Toronto is 1:30AM here, and 1:00AM in the rest of Atlantic Canada. Thousands of PS4's were already sold when:
"Last Thursday night, Sony Computer Entertainment Canada VP and GM Steve Turvey was in Toronto to officially sell the first PlayStation 4 in Canada."

People were already home with theirs and playing when this console was sold.

edit: But yeah, Toronto is dope.

BattleTorn1853d ago

No. I'm in Vancouver, and I GOT THE FIRST PS4 in Canada ;)

Varmint1853d ago

@BattleTorn I think you've got your time zones mixed up, man! At 9pm in Vancouver it was already midnight in Toronto!

KingofGambling1853d ago

that is a nice image.
is that from a movie poster or something?

jhoward5851853d ago

Wow, even with Sony's mediocre launch titles the ps4 still manage to sale like hot cakes.

sincitysir11853d ago

I don't know whether to slap u or hug u. U say something sweet and kind while still saying something opinionated

jhoward5851853d ago

Thank you I keep it real...

I like to speak my mind, that's me. (Smile)

2paclives1853d ago

He's trolling in his/her best possible way.

PeaSFor1853d ago

the console itself is a "system seller", its a breath of fresh air for gamers.

noctis_lumia1853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

ps3 launch title wasnt good too
but look at the ps3 now...they have he best console titles

the last of us
god of war
gran turismo
little big planet
to name a few

Sevir1853d ago

Mediocre is all in personal opinion. Most everyone who has purchased a ps4 are enjoying their games. Reviewers hasnt hasnt swayed them from the games. Sure Cod is the top seller. But first party software is doing quite well both digitally. I certainly dont think the launch games are mediorce

jhoward5851853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

PS4's launch titles were Ok....nothing jaw dropping game play wise. Now don't wrong, I'm not saying Ps4's launch titles weren't any good. I'm saying that I was expecting the ps4 to have better games at launch.

I'm pretty confidence Sony's 2nd wave of games are going to wow us. I can't wait.

Sevir1853d ago

@Jhoward95, cant argue there

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RPG_Lover1853d ago

who cares with such a bad launch library

PeaSFor1853d ago

wait? you have a personal opinion?WUT?

Sevir1853d ago

Had to give this one a bridge, trolls love bridges

izumo_lee1853d ago

That's what they said about the PSone, PS2 & PS3. Guess we know how all these systems turned out eh?

PixelKnot1853d ago

I've seen you keep posting the same thing, if you're not going to say anything positive for the early success of the Na PS4 launch, then it's best you stick to posting in the Wii U section.

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