Many Xbox One Games' Early User Reviews Are In On Xbox One

Gameranx: "Gamers who have gotten their hands on Ryse: Son of Rome and other titles early are posting their user reviews."

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majiebeast1825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )

"Angry Birds Star Wars - 3.5/5 with 23 votes"


Yeah this just invalidated all the ratings you posted.

pedrof931825d ago

The reviews are biased, made by fans not real professionals.

Fireseed1825d ago

Wait so it's biased if some average Joe said they enjoyed it as compared to a "proffesional," what qualifies this person as a "proffesional"... I need to stop, cause this comment made my head hurt...

Captain Qwark 91825d ago

i would question COD ghost though, i played it and that game sucks lol. im not a COD hater either, BO2 was a solid game, enjoyed that a lot its also miles better than ghost

cactusjack1825d ago

you mean the "game journalists"

pedrof931825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )


What the hell are you saying ?


With professionals I mean acredited reviewers, what I was saying is that you should not take these reviews seriusly.

1825d ago
Clarence1825d ago

I agree with you. The same could be said for KZ or knack. The Xbox fan are saying the game sucks because of the metric score, but PS fans are loving the game.

Plus M$ could easily select the users that are giving the game high scores. Why not lift the embargo and let the game get reviewed by everyone, not just the people who have Xbox live and downloaded the smartglass app?

NewMonday1825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )

the strange thing is the XB1 is not even out yet, how do these people get to play the game when the system is locked till launch according to Major Nelson , smells fishy.

joefrost001825d ago

But when its a bad review of a game you like then its
It doesn't matter only if the person playing enjoys it

dedicatedtogamers1825d ago

"Professionals" can be just as biased.

What is important to realize is that these reviews are by the early adopters. Tell me, who spends $500 on a system, $100-200 on several games (plus more on extra accessories) and then turns around and says "these games are mediocre". It makes the buyer look and feel like an idiot.

When I go to the PSN store, most games are in the 4/5 stars or higher range. A few games have LOW stars and I typically avoid those, but just because a game has a high score on PSN does not mean it's actually the right game for me.

Same goes for these Xbox One user reviews.

JokesOnYou1825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )

Well I NEVER trust reviews from anonymous user reviews online and I only trust reviews from a few limited sources from sites that were mostly right about games I've played, still with that said metacritic avg is rarely far off of my own overall opinions of games I've played. lol, As much as people hate on professional opinions(when convenient) truth is outside of a few BS sites looking for hits I think a lot of fanbase are quick to claim most of the reviews are biased for or against a game.

I do however put the most weight/believe reviews from my friends because I know they never BS me, I may not agree with their opinion but I know it's their honest opinion but ultimately I take into account everything and know exactly what I want to buy regardless of reviews.

B-radical1825d ago

They could be the opinions of people like us you know gamers?

Knack would of scored higher if gamers reviewed it

WiiUsauce1825d ago

Cry more about how unfair they are to poor ol' Sony hahahahaha

XboxFun1825d ago

So real fan reviews are biased.

And according to N4G real professional reviews are biased too.


finbars751825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )

I agree.First of all the majority of the people probably only played the demo or more likely just saying they liked it because of the fanboy side of it and havnt played it yet which is my best guest. That's why I will leave it to the proffesionals on this one. Most biased crap I have ever seen so far. Dont try and tell me 644 people have played this game not even close.The truth will come friday you will see how much crap is coming from everyone defending this website only grasping for air in this room.

FamilyGuy1825d ago

User reviews where none fall below 3.5 are a clear indication of bloated score. People tend to think of any game at 5/10 as garbage so when they review games their scale isn't exactly realistic.

Kingthrash3601825d ago

lol nba live 4/ 2k 4/5..
im done. all credibility completely lost.

RyuCloudStrife1825d ago

@pedrof93 Your post literally lowered my IQ...

A review is your HONEST PERSONAL OPINION about a game. There is no professionalism in that, aside from a nice presentation in a video but that's a PRESENTATION.

I hope that when you are looking at reviews in order to decide if you wanna buy a game I hope that you read up at least 3 reviews in order to make with an educated choice.

itBourne1825d ago

I do not even understand the point in stars on psn/xbl. Most people vote before they even play the game lol. How many people really play the game then go back to vote on it.

LonChaneyTV1825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )

I'm glad people are enjoying this game. one of my most anticipated games of this new gen.

----------------------------- ---------------

putting that aside, professional game reviews are aimed to the average public before a purchase. they are still opinions none the less but this time made by people with salaries in this subject. (some good, some mixed.)

In This case this is an excellent example coming from average joes gathering their opinions. they took a gamble but many agree it was worth the experience they got.

ShinMaster1825d ago

CRIMSON DRAGON'S score is too high.

That's how you know...

princejb1341825d ago


i agree
i mastered prestiged bops2 and that game sucked but so far ghost sucks more lol
didnt think it was possible to make a game worse than it is

MxRBrobaFett1825d ago

i wish there was an unintelligent bubble down vote

PFFT1825d ago


And so is Knacks.
That game is easily a 1.5/10

BullyMangler1825d ago

LMAO . . every other user review for xbox One in this article is really good as if hahaa .

microsoft paying other to post fake reviews again . .

Gamer19821824d ago

the reviews are through the ox itself not reviewers so only have a few hours playing the games.

AndrewLB1824d ago

Who is a professional? Someone who under the guise of being a Journalist openly brags on his blog about receiving a FREE PS4 with custom personalized engraving, which he was currently writing a review for?

I've written reviews for a few websites for computer hardware like the Logitech DiNovo Media Desktop, and never once did It cross my mind to accept anything for free. I do know how tempting it is, especially when you're offered really nice things. But by taking the "bribe", you should also remove the word "journalist" from you bio.

ConwayGritty1824d ago

Oh because I trust ign's opinion before 644 gamers who have played it?

Your Anti-Fanboy(ism) is pathetic.

Nintenja1824d ago

I will trust fan reviews more than biased "professional" reviews. Those are the ones getting little extras for good reviews and have something to lose if they give a bad one.

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malokevi1825d ago

Why would you say that...?

is it because of this?

" Regardless of what the press (that's us!) might say about the game in a couple days time, the verdict for Ryse: Son of Rome, at least among those who've already experienced it, is in—and people are absolutely loving the game.

The game has a score of 4.5 out of 5 stars based on 644 ratings."

*checks posting history*


Xsilver1825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )

your telling me 644 people already have Ryse and played the whole game :/ is that what your telling me right now and lets say they do own the game so its from 644 xbox fans well this clearly is unbiased.
@malokevi the first people to buy the one will defiantly be the die hard xbox fans who buys the console on day one so yes im pretty sure they all are xbox fans but why don't we wait for real review sites to review the game just saying :/

malokevi1825d ago

I'm pretty sure that I DIDNT tell you that!

*looks back at post*


According to you, anyone with an Xbox is an Xbox fan, so their opinions can't be trusted.

So hey, lets just wait for a few of the Playstation dedicated N4G members to get their hands on it, so that they can give a truly impartial review!


GTgamer1825d ago

So 644 people rated Ryse but only 20 rated BF4 a game thats been out for awhile and is damn sure selling more than ryse but only 20 soooooo this seems alittle odd to me but hey thats just me.

_QQ_1825d ago

ban me for defending you? i think you read my comment wrong

malokevi1825d ago


"ban me for defending you? i think you read my comment wrong "

lol. Other way around. Clearly I'm kidding. Don't worry =)

frostypants1825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )

"the verdict for Ryse: Son of Rome, at least among those who've already experienced it, is in—and people are absolutely loving the game"

Should say "among those who pretend to have played it". The only legit impressions I've read were of professionals who played a demo and said it basically sucked. But we'll see, won't we?

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Dread1825d ago

relax dude its just a game.

Dont worry, even if its good (as sony fanboys clearly fear) it will not ruin your beloved sony brand.

G20WLY1824d ago

If you forget who it is that said it (and his allegiance to Sony) and the provocative way he said it...he's right.

Anyone remember the hype surrounding 'Amy'? Reviews were under strict embargo and those that bought it first wanted to love it and gave it 5/5 before they'd even played it. The rating system is at fault, not the gamers, but even so, they could have adjusted their rating once they realised the game was shockingly bad, but they didn't bother.

The first people to download games are the fanboys of the product/brand, so we should be equally cautious as we are with the dodgy reviewers...

There's no reason to doubt this game will be great, but this is hardy the verification we're all hoping for.

G20WLY1823d ago

^Screw the muppets that disagreed with me :P

Have you seen the reviews? And was I right? I was right, right? Right. Damn that feels good...

While this is satisfying, I'm not pleased the game is bad, even if I did have my suspicions. :(

_QQ_1825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )

My butthurt meter is way off the charts. the trilogy has a 3.5/5 on metacritic... roughly a 7/10.same credibility as review sites?

malokevi1825d ago

Alright, that's it, ban this guy. Nobody has any interest in your relentless <disgust>logic</disgu st>.

bennissimo1825d ago

So much easier to troll than to admit you might be wrong.

3-4-51825d ago

Probably star wars fans

AngelicIceDiamond1825d ago

Those are some insane scores. Yeah, Xbox fans definitely got there hands on the review scores.

LordMaim1824d ago

Well it's all done through the Smartglass app, so its all Xbox fans. Dissonance reduction is what's making those scores higher than they should be.

boneso821825d ago

Nothing got less than 3.5 out of 5, not even Xbox fitness!

All of these "user" reviews are going to be biased because its the console they bought/won and obviously like it and want it to do well.

Not one single bad, or even mediocre game? C'mon....

starchild1825d ago

The problem with user reviews is that any fanboy (either for or against) can write a review whether they have played the game or not.

Too many fanboys around in general to really put much stock in user reviews.

assdan1825d ago

Knack better than ryse? Knack has over a 4.5 on the psn store!

xtremeimport1825d ago

...ummm the only people who do these reviews are either people who LOVE the game or hate it.

definitive way to tell how good the game is. lol nope.

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ZBlacktt1825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )

Last we read MS was banning X1's for getting online early. How have all these games been reviewed and more so by so many? 644 votes? really??

trywizardo1825d ago

they left the ban like they promised the users DAAA

Kran1825d ago

You obviously misread that situation.

Microsoft banned A GUY for leaking a bunch of Xbox One stuff from a console he got early.

Logging in early won't get you banned. After all sites have got to do reviews, so why would Microsoft give them review consoles, let them log on and the ban them for doing just that?

ZBlacktt1825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )

Because Major Nelson says so?

"these consoles units will be restricted from connecting to Xbox Live until closer to our launch date."

stevej3361825d ago

People who access Xbox live for reviews have their system and gamer tag registered and are approved to be online on the Xbox one. Its the same thing with Xbox 360 dash updates. If u got a leaked copy and installed it you would be locked out of live because you don't have permission to be using it.

ZBlacktt1825d ago

stevej336, so these are all " approved " scores from " approved " users, lol. Ok, yeah gotcha.

JackISbacK1825d ago

i just read an article which was telling these reviews include reviewrs reviews from big sites like ign and i'amrealy shocked that the average is only 4.5 out of 5 and that is amazing we must be happy.

jackanderson19851825d ago

MS staff most likely including the consoles they give to privileged users most likely and some of the ones who got the early releases that were unbanned maybe

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Ripsta7th1825d ago

What so funny? Isnt that the only defensive knack had, wasnt everyone pointing at user reviews when it was getting bad scores, now that its X1 s turn these reviews are bias? Wtf

stevej3361825d ago

Since when do reviews from one guy on a website equate to being a "real review" instead off 600+ user reviews. Do we not all buy apps on iOS/android based on user reviews? Like someone already said take knack for instance, overall mediocre scores but everyone I know who played it loved it.

lifeisgamesok1825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )

@Ripsta7 lol exactly! If these were bad review scores Sony fans would be clapping, backflipping, and catching the holy ghost Lol

They say reviews don't matter but they do when it's in their favor

nope1111825d ago

600+ alt accounts.... i kid :)

Golden_Mud1825d ago

4.5/5 is a good score actually but this isn't actually the real deal , we have to wait for the real reviews

Riderz13371825d ago

4.5/5 for Killer Instinct...So we should expect a 70 Metacritic for Ryse. The gameplay will suck but I think the graphics are what will make critics raise their score.

WeAreLegion1825d ago

I don't think so. Killzone: Shadow Fall is gorgeous, but that didn't stop reviewers from slamming some of the levels in single-player and COMPLETELY ignoring the multi-player.

Kaiou1825d ago

Actually for me i would say that user reviews is THE real deal.

JeffGUNZ1825d ago

Exactly. What makes someone a professional? They make a website or write for one? I mean, isn't ANYONE ever who reviews a game a "user" review? I care more about what people who are average gamers think then a website who wants hits.

Golden_Mud1825d ago

What I meant is the real reviewers are the ones counted in the Metacrtic system , I think (doesn't mean we should ignore the user reviews but after all , they could've not played the game and said it's amazing)