My Decade of Awesome With Xbox – Must it End?

A look back at one player's exploits with Microsoft over the last 10 years and onward to the future with the new console generation.

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GiantEnemyCrab1770d ago

nah, they will continue to support the 360 and now we have a new generation with the XB1. Why must it end?

ZeroX98761770d ago

he's probably getting a PS4. I bought a PS4 and I know it's far from the end of the Xbox brand. PSN became so good in the recent years and the success of Xbox live had a roll to play in this for sure.

Sathur1770d ago

xbox 360 support will be gone by the summer of 2014 in my opinion

dedicatedtogamers1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

This is news? I should write my own article

"My 25 Years with Microsoft since MS-DOS"

I laugh at people who were blindsided by Microsoft's behavior. You were warned. You didn't listen.

XboxFun1770d ago

I love how you have dissolved into a full on troll.

You should write your own articles or maybe just a few more blogs of your personal opinion as you already have.

I laugh at you too, a person who actually thinks Sony doesn't have any of these policies or restrictions in place ready to turn them on if necessary. We already had online passes from them and they are now charging for online.

What else are they willing to do when they see fit. Will you accept them graciously as you do now while spitting venom at MS every time?

I think so...

Sathur1770d ago

yeah. I am afraid it is time to drop Microsoft like a hot potato. sad but true.

jb2271770d ago

let me guess at the contents of this article...

My Decade with Xbox:

I played a metric shitton of Halo, Gears of War & Call of Duty. Ate a lot of Doritos. Spent a lot on postage shipping my system off to be fixed.