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Misaka_x_Touma1699d ago

yes another JRPG for 3DS!!!!

nidhogg1699d ago

..and another one for the Vita! Let us all rejoice! .... and it's--it's conception!! I never thought this would be localized! Ex-ce-llent!!

gunboss2011699d ago

Lol but no surprise you had more likes than Misaka.. But anything from Atlus, I'm in!!

Misaka_x_Touma1699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

There no reason for any JRPG on 3DS and Vita to not get localize. Both system are JRPG Machines. Vita need to get more of it JRPG localize.

ShadowHarp1699d ago

why did you get disagrees lol.

Sanquine901699d ago

Yes my vita is hungry. This week tear away. Next week Ys! And also mario 3d land for my wii u. And ps4... Im going broke

Protagonist1699d ago

I remember the first one being released for the PSP only in JP.

Good thing it is being localized for the PS Vita.

TwilightSparkle1699d ago

yes! thank you atlus me and my vita thanks you :)

Stringerbell1699d ago

Am I the only one that still wants a sequel to Ogre Battle 64? I've been patient...

PygmelionHunter1699d ago

Tell that to the guys waiting on a Super Mario RPG sequel, lol.

Stringerbell1699d ago

Guess we should form some sort of a support group.

Misaka_x_Touma1699d ago

square soft refused back then so Nintendo created Paper Mario.

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The story is too old to be commented.