'Freedom Wars' News Comes a Little Early

8CN: While the previous trailer teased more information coming on the 21st, Famitsu revealed some of the news a little bit early.

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GuruStarr781853d ago

I hope this comes to the U.S.!

Looks good!

PSVita1853d ago

Don't know this game but I thought that was Light with a death not at first. I'd love to play a death note game so bad.

N4GCB1853d ago

It's by sony so 99% yes.

worldwidegaming1853d ago

Translation was horrible...
Looks good though!

AdamJensen1853d ago

Now we wait for someone to correctly translate what it says.

But the info seems interesting, 8 players, and the makers of God Eater are working on it.

sinncross1853d ago

I dont think the 8 players relates to 8 physical players. I believe its 4 players each with their AI partner (which is one of the core game mechanics).

But 8 players would definitely be something.

Saintdante1853d ago

I believe the 8 players is the kind of versus mode which was hinted at. Where 2 teams of 4 would go and try to complete the same objective.

tubers1853d ago

LOL I've been spreading that speculation since announcement it had 8 players :P

I hope that isn't the case tho but if it makes it a jankier (performance) game then I'd be down to just having 4 actual players.

This actually has a versus/pvp mode from what I've gathered so it could possibly have 8 players. Western VITA games can do it.