Xbox One won’t have gameplay broadcasting at launch

Despite what Microsoft showed at E3, Xbox One won't have Twitch streaming ready for launch. Instead, the next-gen console will get the broadcasting feature sometime in early 2014.

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pyramidshead1850d ago

People are actually quite surprised Sony got Twitch at launch and MS didn't. Quite odd apparently. Bummer.

cleft51850d ago

Thats too bad, hopefully they get this up and going before too long. It's really neat to be able to stream games from your console.

abzdine1850d ago

fanboys will say: but.....tha clawwd!!!
i will tell them to come watch me play PS4 games on my twitch account.
pay more for less one more time

andrewsqual1850d ago

And without any extra payment required don't forget :)
I think people are missing that the console is out in 3 DAYS!!! Why wait until now to say that it won't be out until not just a few days but months. WTF? What else can people getting Xbone expect in the next few days?

sincitysir11850d ago

Oh man that sucks. Twitch on ps4 is badass. If ur undecided on a game screw "legit" reviews. Hop on over to a stream, chat with the nice lad playing and decide if the game is for u. Bad move ms.

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OlgerO1850d ago

This is really bad, microsoft came out at E3 praising there twitch streaming feature like it was some exclussive xbox one thing, and now PS4 has ustream and twitch working great and xbox one has no streaming capabilities whatsoever

dericb111850d ago

Well they can still watch us play our PS4's on Twitch lol.

cell9891850d ago

atleast they can enjoy their MP3s tho

Blackdeath_6631850d ago

worse still they are making people pay for streaming

GribbleGrunger1850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

@cell989: No MP3s either. You see, this is why I keep telling people not to gloat. You better hold on to your pants this weekend. This is just the tip of the iceberg ...

JustJdog1850d ago

@Blackdeath_663 Wait, they announced that you have to pay for streaming?

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Stick891850d ago

I attribute all of this to the Xbone not having dedicated hardware built in for its capturing capabilities and now they are having a hard time trying to get it to work within the limits they set aside from the main hardware.

SITH1850d ago

Dedicated hardware is absolutely not required to stream gameplay. FRAPS, and GeForce shadow play proves as much.

Stick891850d ago

Yea because FRAPS isn't known to cause framerate hits -.-

As for Shadow, I've never even heard of it, so I can't say anything about it's performance.

gaffyh1850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

@SITH - Its not needed but it makes it a hell of a lot easier. Its like PS3 with emotion engine chip = full BC, no chip = very little BC (in fact none as far as I know)

jmc88881850d ago

That and it's 2014 launch being bumped up to 2013.

The question is, what else might not be ready for primetime.

TheUndertaker851850d ago

@SITH: Shadow Play isn't exactly supporting what you say.

"Fast, free and easy-to-use, ShadowPlay is a new approach to gameplay recording, utilizing an on-board H.264 encoder built into GeForce GTX 600 and 700 Series graphics cards, and an innovative recording mode that shadows your every in-game move."

So for Shadow Play to work you'll need certain graphics cards with the H.264 encoder built in.

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Cloudyday711850d ago

I won't lie I'm really disappointed about this as this was one of the features I was most looking forward to trying out on Friday when I finally get my Xbone. I've been watching some of the Twitch streams of PS4 and it looks cool and I wanted to show off my good/bad skillz at Dead Rising!

I'm also very surprised as it was Microsoft who first showed of Twitch at the E3 conference. It was used to demo Killer Instinct so I'm wondering what happened and I hope it is not for technical reasons. Anyway I will be using Game DVR and sending clips of myself to friends.

Cloudyday711850d ago

Please tell me this is a joke but not sure because it was on a small blog - I read that the delay is so Microsoft can add Achievements for watching Twitch?

What are you doing Microsoft, why are you testing me?

AngelicIceDiamond1850d ago

Whoops indeed.

MS did drop the ball on this. Though it will come out in early 2014 in all its just kind of shocking MS isn't ready on this particular feature.

Sounds like MS spent most of there time optimizing the snap and multitasking features.

I expect Broadcasting to happen really, really soon though.

3-4-51850d ago

like how they mention this 4 days before launch when all units/consoles are already paid for.

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Septic1850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

WHAT A LOAD OF BULL. Seriously...that is just lame. I was looking forward to this for ages.

Seriously raging now. I took the whole of next week off with the intention of streaming gameplay. This was the biggest feature I was looking forward to.

What a joke MS. Get your bloody act together.

Dlacy13g1850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

I agree it is a big disappointment for those looking for a simple twitch integration. I suppose its better than them releasing something buggy and broken. For now I will just utilize the game capture upload tool and create some game capture that way.

edit: You also have to wonder what is the cause of the delay given they showed off twitch stream before on the Xbox One.

AngelicIceDiamond1850d ago

"You also have to wonder what is the cause of the delay given they showed off twitch stream before on the Xbox One."

I'm thinking the snap and multitask features as well as optimizing the Kinect features.

To be fair MS does have allot going on its console. Maybe MS bit off more than they can chew?

Kinda sounds like it.

Golden_Mud1850d ago

Really ??? I thought games were more important than a streaming service , if so it's your opinion so I shouldn't interfere

Veneno1850d ago

Where the hell have you been? Don't you know that to the xbots it's not about the games anymore but the apps? Wait, PS4 has Twitch app at launch and Microsoft doesn't?


Time for the bots to find another way to justify the Xbone.

SITH1850d ago

Just four hours before your above comment, you said, "I'm not being a fanboy, I have high hopes for the X1 (getting mine on Friday yeah!) but I just don't want MS to try and do too many things at once. Let them focus on gaming first, get that right and the rest can follow." What happened in four hours? I agree with that. Let them get gaming on a brand new console and even revamped Xbox live up and running. The rest of the inevitable stuff is not that important.

Septic1850d ago


Mate, this is a BIG part of my gaming experience. This isn't TV functionality or anything of the sort, this is about streaming my GAMING experiences.

It is actually a CORE part of my experience what a joke it is that MS came out and debuted Twitch TV support at E3 and then Sony are the ones who have that feature day one but MS don't?

I paid loads of money on a Happauge HD PVR which, in my opinion, is just a nightmare to use. Now this Twitch integration was supposed to make it easy but no launch support? I mean seriously? It's put such a downer on my weekend plans and for next week.

This is just a joke. Absolutely p***ed off.

black0o1850d ago

dear Septic i don't defend M$ that often but u r kinda over reacting on this one

1st of all M$ did a lot of 180 this summer and they need to keep the big promises like no 24/7 internet connection and the DRM .. etc
u see the xbone at e3 isn't the same xbone right now they had to do a lot of changes

gve them some time

pompombrum1850d ago

Twitch integration was one of their biggest announcements at E3 and is one of the few major next gen gaming features. I think you're underestimating just how big of a deal this actually is.

Septic1850d ago

Its still no excuse man. I mean, MS came out at E3 and actually announced Twitch support before Sony did (before any u-turns etc). It was a big part of their show.

How many times can we give them the benefit of the doubt? It literally ruins my plans. And the worst thing is, MS didn't have the courtesy to warn us earlier. In fact, they cheekily mention it at the bottom of their upload studio feature? Ridiculous.

1850d ago
jmc88881850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

Those 180's to remove that stuff doesn't take a long time.

A few days at most, and I'm being generous.

Those 180's had literally ZERO impact on how Microsoft is screwing everything up.

It's awfully nice you are giving them an excuse, but it isn't valid.

christocolus1850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

@ blackoo

I agree with you and i know ms will work hard to include most of these missing features probably with their first update for 2014..but it still doesnt change the fact that they messed dont wait till the last minute to tell your fans(who have been looking forward to that feature).that it wont be available at launch...i was looking forward to it and many of my pals were too..its a nice feature and ive seem my friends stream their ps4 games and i like the idea and was looking forward to doing same with my console. septic like alot of others are just dissapointed and you cant blame still getting my xbx one though, this isnt a deal breaker for me but ms really needs to sit up........that aside when ms does finally release the update they just might surprise us by adding even more features to the basic game streaming...

Phoenix761850d ago


1st of all M$ did a lot of 180 this summer and they need to keep the big promises like no 24/7 internet connection and the DRM .. etc
u see the xbone at e3 isn't the same xbone right now they had to do a lot of changes

So basically, what you're saying is........ M$ lied to everyone. They really where just using PC's at their E3 show.

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SITH1850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

Shit happens with a new console launch. It is a complex process of providing a console, online services, and games with all intended options available on day one. The recent PS4 launch has clearly displayed as much. Just be happy twitch streaming is coming. Not like it has been canceled. Just delayed. I don't see sony kids butt hurt over not being able to send game recordings to YouTube currently.

I agree with black, it looks like and over reaction. If Xbox live was going to be down for the Xbox one launch, I would totally understand your reaction. But twitch. It can wait.

davethedj1850d ago

bro i feel your pain sorry for that!!!
ps4 fwd

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Bolts-N-Rays11091850d ago

Better have it by the time Titanfall comes out.

reaperofsouls1850d ago

coz they don't want people to see how bad it looks.