PS4 Units Weren't Intentionally Damaged, Claims Former Foxconn Intern

The international discussion of what's happening on the assembly lines that have led to PlayStation 4 units landing on the doorsteps of customers dead on arrival, has caused quite the stir. One student recently posted an apology to the public, letting it be known that the students didn't intend to damage the PS4 units on the assembly line, but the working conditions were hard enough on them to force a loss of quality on the product.

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Hellsvacancy1489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

Whip em harder next time Sony

-> Real bad joke I know

Derekvinyard131489d ago

Dude, this company installed NETS on the buildings because so many people were jumping off the roofs.

JoGam1489d ago

Its not like the intern will tell the truth.

abzdine1489d ago

0,4% lowest electronic failure every registered.
now stop complaining and go enjoy your next gen console.

MasterCornholio1489d ago

OMG i thought you were making a sick joke but your not.

Shadowstar1489d ago

@MasterCornholio : There are nets under many famous bridges as well. A medical study showed that they didn't really affect the suicide rate, though, as people just found different bridges to jump from.

ShinMaster1489d ago

Is this a different intern?

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seanpitt231489d ago

People don't realise that if they paid the workers what they should and give them breaks and a good working environment then the price of the ps4 would not be $399 more like $799.

cleft51489d ago

I like deals as much as the next guy, but respect for human life always comes before getting a deal. What Foxconn is doing is just inhumane.

RavageX1488d ago

The hell is wrong with you?


No device is worth the poor treatment of people.

seanpitt231488d ago

I don't support it I think its shocking but its the facts.

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cleft51489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

In all seriousness, major companies like Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, etc absolutely need to come up with a better way to manufacture their products. The reality is that Foxconn is doing things in China that they could never get away with in places like the US, England, or Japan. I understand the need for a company to make products at a low price, but at a certain point there are just things you shouldn't be allowed to do. Foxconn is clearly crossing the line and needs to be stopped.

I am having issues with my ps4 related to hdmi problems. It sucks, but that pales in comparison to the horrific treatment of these workers. Particularly students that have been forced into being factory workers. At a certain point enough is enough, and that point came years ago for Foxconn.

Ripsta7th1489d ago

They need to to stop being greedy! Well i wouldnt say is either one of the big 3s fault , more like foxxcons problem

bennissimo1489d ago

I would honestly prefer for consumer electronics to cost more because the companies involved are paying manufacturing workers a livable wage with livable conditions.

Mikelarry1489d ago

lol this next gen is more mysterious than big foot and the loch ness monster combined :). if this turns out to be true we can breath a little bit easy

ZBlacktt1489d ago

Damage control to save contracts. Was anyone really expecting them to say yeah, you busted us. We failed at Q&A. Yet, the consoles came from there and these 376 cases or so say broken when plugged in. Dunno....

GentlemenRUs1489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

Those Idiots!

Foxconn has a lot of crap coming its way!

dennett3161489d ago

There's no big conspiracy behind faulty consoles....they're just an inevitability when electronics are mass produced. Sucks to wait for so long and get a faulty unit, and I'm sure you get angry and want to blame somebody, but it's just that s**t happens.
No sabotage, no conspiracy, no pervasive threat to every console out's just faulty units that will be replaced with as little fuss as possible. I would say let's not blow things out of proportion when the inevitable faulty Xbox One's are reported, but that won't stop it happening anyway, so I won't bother. Just enjoy whichever system you get (or both) and don't let the negative hype that will appear worry you too much.

Fairchild Channel F1489d ago

+1 Bubble for being a rational human being.

kingPoS1489d ago

You sir make sense.

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