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IRB Gamer: "AllDrive hands down is a critical change to the Need For Speed series that works quite effectively. Whether you jump in as a racer or a cop, you genuinely find players online (outside of your own friends list) and have a blast. Surprisingly, Need For Speed: Rivals is a game changer to the series that will keep you in the fast lane!"

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VENOMACR12271829d ago

To me, the Need For Speed series is a dying breed. Forza, Drive Club, and GT have surpassed Need For Speed. Seems like every year a new NFS is being produced, like COD. Arcade racing, cops, same old same old. Underground was the last NFS series that was actually fun.

NVIDIAGeek1829d ago (Edited 1829d ago )

Forza, GT are sim racing games. That's like comparing CoD with Thief, both are FPS games. I'm not defending NFS, just correcting something.

Since Hot Pursuit (2010), every NFS seems like the same game. The Crew is the one this can rival with, not Forza, not GT and also not DriveClub, which is a semi-sim.