Bleacher Report - NBA Live 14 Review

BR:Is the NBA Live series ready to regain its spot atop the virtual basketball world? No, it isn't, but the foundation has finally been laid to build the game to an elite level—no pun intended.

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3-4-5978d ago

college hoops 2k8 is better than this, aside from graphics.

believeland6978d ago

lol bleacher report would give it that score

theRell978d ago

Higher than I expected.

MrPerfect813978d ago

Bleacher Report 7.8....IGN 4.3...just save yourself the read and get 2k14, and that is coming from someone with high hopes

xJumpManx978d ago

No doubt 2k14 is better. But man do I hate those analog stick controls. Its rough learning to hit those instead of buttons.

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The story is too old to be commented.