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Ryse: Son of Rome Launch Trailer Showcases Steel on Steel

"Celebrating the upcoming worldwide launch of Ryse: Son of Rome on Nov. 22, Microsoft Studios and Crytek have put out the game’s official launch trailer, which gives fans a final look at the story and combat awaiting them in the Xbox One-exclusive title." (Ryse: Son of Rome, Xbox One)

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aviator189  +   654d ago
Looks impressive.
The story is what intrigues me (it's awesome that some game of thrones actors are in this game) the most and I hope it delivers on that front.
meetajhu  +   654d ago
The game looks astonishing. The facial system is truly next gen and looks better than Valve's system. I might pick up Xbox one for this!!
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JokesOnYou  +   654d ago
F-ing Sweet.
Naga  +   654d ago
This looks really, really incredible. If I could ever get past my skepticism when it comes to Crytek delivering in the gameplay department, buying this would be a done deal.
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bigboi212  +   654d ago
This looks great. Even my wife likes this.... She hate video games.
Belking  +   654d ago
This is the standard people. Only a few more more days.I'm excited. This is the best next gen looking game so far.
christocolus  +   654d ago
And guess what? ....it aint even 1080p....mighty proof that you dont need the almighty 1080p to get the best looking games. period!
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iceman1346  +   654d ago
well you did not see it running in 1080p haven't you?? it will look even more impressive!
urwifeminder  +   654d ago
Looks great could score 1 for all I care will be getting.
Ilovetheps4  +   654d ago
That was a good trailer. I know it's completely different, but it reminds me of the movie Gladiator. That is one of my favorite movies of all time. The Roman empire is just a fascinating thing to learn about, so I hope that the games storyline turns out good and kind of sticks to what happened back then.
Grave  +   654d ago
Finally, a trailer that makes me excited for this game. That was awesome!
Grunt0311  +   654d ago
If you didn't get chills from that, you're wrong. 2 days and some change. Friday can not come soon enough.
Robinkb  +   654d ago
I must say it looks a great game, but we"ll wait and see. Am I the only one who thinks the voice acting is poorly done? Missing emotion there..
mike32UK  +   654d ago
This is the game that makes me want to get an XB1 as well as a ps4, and I've never had an Xbox!
christocolus  +   654d ago
Wow......just wow. Pls God, please let the reviews be favourable pls...i really want to play this game bad...
ger2396  +   654d ago
Why worry about reviews? If the game interests you, buy it. We put too much importance on what game sites think of games.
dansdooz  +   654d ago
bought and paid for, sod the reviews!
christocolus  +   654d ago
Im definitly getting it no matter what the reviews say but i know if the reviews are good more gamers will eventually buy the game..and if it sells well enough ms will be able to justify an investment into a sequel..and as crytek stated there will be dragons and magic in the sequel and with the graphics already this good i can only imagine how awesome the sequel will be. ...i want that to happen and thats why im praying for favourable reviews.lol
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JackISbacK  +   654d ago
i want this game to blow people minds ,i hope it happens.i want this game to ryse as a wellknown franchise and give xbox something new and amazing.
kewlkat007  +   654d ago
If your a fan of Spartacus..I think you'll like this game..just be prepared to be on the other side..
SITH  +   654d ago
Yes Spartacus, and I am a historian. I will especially enjoy this game.
Brix90  +   654d ago
I hate the Romans after watching Spartacus...So I don't know how that would make me embrace them.
StifflerK  +   654d ago
Looks amazing !!!

Just three days left........
Snackel  +   654d ago
Wow, looks absolutely AMAZING I'm hoping for a great story as well! It does remind me of the movie Gladiator as well (best movie ever!) 3 days!!!
PsylentKiller  +   654d ago
Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! Three more days! I feel like a little kid again. I'm so giddy about this game.
typittt69  +   654d ago
Greatness arrives
R0n0rve  +   654d ago
This will be the first game I'll play on Friday :)
Gamer-40  +   654d ago
I not buy this game and X1, but this true next-gen visuals, true next-gen. No doubt.
PsylentKiller  +   654d ago
I am sorry you are missing out right now. But if your missing out because your getting/have a PS4 then you will not be missing out. I will be at GameStop on Thursday for my XB1 but I've been playing my PS4 for a few days now and it is amazing. I didn't buy any games, only PS+ and I'm still loving it.
Oh, I bought flower because I've heard great things and never played it before. It's amazing.
Back to Ryse, I wonder how similar Marius is to Maximus or even to King Leonidas. Maybe I'll instant switch between the game and the movies. Or snap YouTube or IMDB.com while playing Ryse.
I know gamers want to play games but these other media features are awesome. This is the future. It is the future I've been dreaming of since I was a kid playing Gauntlet in the arcades.
Xbox One or Playstation 4. It doesn't matter, gaming is on the Ryse (lol) with no intention of falling. I can't wait to see MS and Sony in battle because there will only be one true winner. The Gamers!
Gamer-40  +   654d ago
True winner. The Gamers!

Absolutely agree my friend. I not fanboy Ps or Xbox, I like all nice and cool games!

Ryse awesome visuals, true next-gen.
Plagasx  +   654d ago
I still don't understand how any can deny that this is the best looking next gen title we have seen so far...

I mean come on, LOOK AT IT!
DRambo  +   654d ago
Yes it looks good, but I will reserve judgement until I've seen proper in-game play, rather than pre-rendered cut scenes.

Forza always the same; great looking cars, not so good in-game.
green  +   654d ago
You haven't seen in game footage? Well..here you go

DRambo  +   654d ago
Still not convinced, but you really can't tell from youtube etc. Did seem to be epic action though with lots of stuff going on.
whitefang1988  +   654d ago
Cannot wait. Its the main game I'm buying at launch for :-D
trywizardo  +   654d ago
boner alert :D
DoloNolo  +   654d ago
Ryse, Forza and NBA 2K day 1!
ginsunuva  +   654d ago
Not this song again. It was epic the first time I heard it in every movie and game trailer four years ago.

Also why do they have british accents?
SITH  +   654d ago
WOW! That trailer got me very excited. Such a disturbingly long week!
cityboy100  +   654d ago
Paid for I'm not waiting on reviews from web sites that don't know what the hell the talking about.
cityboy100  +   654d ago
COD, BF4, Ryse, madden, 2k14, and forza paid for and ready to go !!!!!
James Vanderbeek  +   654d ago
anyone saying 1080p doesnt matter is plain stupid or they have a crappy tv. It makes a huge different if you have a nice tv.
GusBricker  +   654d ago
1:35 Badass-Beastmode activated!

Also, WarElephant FTMFW!
goldwyncq  +   654d ago
QTE awaits.
kewlkat007  +   654d ago
I'm sorry I had to watch that again..I think this is one of the best trailer s for this type of game...

I had that same vengeance type of emotions watching it..like I did watching Spartacus..must be the brutality and gore

Crytek knows graphics I hope the story is good but still a must own.
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