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Kayant1771d ago

Awesome. MS have really impressed me with their UX/UI. Everything looks well organised & polished.

Also the integration with kinect is really well done.

Great work MS :)

Septic1771d ago

Yeah man the voice integration and options seem really comprehensive. Can't wait to put this through its paces on Friday!

CoTton_MoUtH1771d ago

I Haven't heard the word impressed from a PS4 fanboy YET!

tigertom531771d ago

I also like that you can upload to Sky-drive so you can share it on YouTube or any other method you like...

hankmoody1771d ago

Looking forward to this. Love the mere idea that you can record and share. Wish I had this feature last gen on a couple of instances. I saw some truly insane stuff while playing GTA IV online that I wish I could revisit.

christocolus1771d ago

This is amazing...The ui actually shows ms strengths as a software company..cant wait to try this out.

XboxFun1771d ago

Dat Skydrive!

I can't wait to see fighting matches and other tourney like game play from people across the world.

I love the look and ease of the UI and the voice integration seemed flawless.

urwifeminder1771d ago

Works well not a feature I will use much as enough people in world are doing game videos but for people that will use it seems fast and easy.

aviator1891771d ago

I'm digging the sky drive upload option. Looks like a breeze to do as well.

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