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Analyst: Average Xbox One, PS4 Owner will Buy 3 Next Gen Titles - Battlefield 4 Will Sell the Most

Senior Analyst form Cowen and Company has predicted that both Next Gen consoles will have an attach rate of 3.25 - that is to say a buyer will get on average 3 Next Gen Games with his New Console. Battlefield 4 will enjoy an attach rate of 30%, 10% more than any other title. (Battlefield 4, Microsoft, PS4, Sony, Xbox One)

allformats  +   284d ago
These Cowen guys are so off base. Call of Duty: Ghosts has destroyed BF4 on PS4....

These guys are pulling things from you know where.
codelyoko  +   284d ago
They ARE certified Analysts ya know :P Thier 'guesses'would tend to be more accurate than the average joe. But yeah it is pretty much BS-ing. Though the same is true for any 'forecast'
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iiwii  +   284d ago
Yeah, and hmmm.. retailers offering b2g1 free = 3 games. Assuming they will do something similar for X1, so brilliant calculations on their part with that as well.
badz149  +   284d ago
how can they still make this kind of prediction when the report that Ghost out selling BF4 by 2-to-1 on PS4 has came out? with the Xbone, I can only see things going up for Ghost seeing how xbox owners usually buy more CoD titles than ps owners.

for the record, I'm not a fan of both and for me, Ghost looks last gen and BF4 is a broken mess!
NextGen24Gamer  +   284d ago
Yea, there are already 500,000 COD Ghost pre-orders for the xbox one. That doesn't take into account the gamers who don't pre-order the game and just go in to any target, Walmart, BestBuy, fry's, or Gamestop and pick it up. Or if they are like me, I'm going ALL DIGITIAL this next gen.

So one thing we can deduce from the pre-order numbers of Ghost is that the xbox one will at minimum sell 500,000 consoles Day 1. I actually think that Day 1 xbox one will sell 750,000 consoles, but It wouldn't shock me if it sold over 1 million being since it's a worldwide release Day 1.
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sdozzo  +   283d ago
Why even say BF4 when it's already shown how CoD has sold better?
aviator189  +   284d ago
As much as we all would want it to happen, I don't think BF 4 will outsell Ghosts.
classic19  +   284d ago
bf4, i would luv that, cod is drowning lol. i will never buy a cod game on a next gen system. when console players tast that 32v32 on bf4, 6 months from now what he say will be fact.
vividi  +   284d ago
I bought 3 games, knack, killzone and battlefield
codelyoko  +   284d ago
Congrats. And btw in your face skeptics Buhahahah :P
firefly69  +   284d ago
Well im only getting KZ shadow fall with my PS4 bundle,and with that im picking Super Mário 3d world for the Wii U and thats it my backlog will keep me well supply until the next great game that most likely will be Infamous SS or bayonnetta 2.Xbox one can kiss my ass until they release a kinect less console or until they low the price $200 atleast!
TheFallenAngel  +   284d ago
Than why did call of duty destroyed bf4 on ps4? It looks like it will be the same on xbone.
mhunterjr  +   284d ago
I love battlefield, and hate cod, but I don't see how they can suggest battlefield elmsell the most. Doesn't COD already have a commanding lead?
iiwii  +   284d ago
yep, and I think it's something like 2:1 - Haven't looked at the exact numbers, but BF4 was ~350k and COD ~700k
ShowGun901  +   284d ago
It's for clicks people... They say what y'all wanna hear, seriously cod had a freaking 70 percent attach rate that's ungodly lol...

These guys need to get a reality check, battlefield probably will NEVER sell as well as cod, the teamwork required and loooooooong matches will always make it too niche...
iiwii  +   284d ago
I actually like team work, but I don't like Battlefield.
ShowGun901  +   283d ago
I like battlefield I'm just not good with their shooting mechanics.. I can't hit anything with an assault rifle, only a sniper lol
Darkfire369  +   284d ago
I bought Killzone SF and Battlefield 4. Lots of FPS action until Second Son arrives. Still, I'm not getting COD this year, and most of my friends aren't getting it either. Though I can't talk for everyone, COD is slowly dying out (at least here).
NextGen24Gamer  +   283d ago
It's far from dying out. It's still sells the most out of ALL the FPS. Which means it's a live and well! I actually like COD & Battlefield. But for different reasons. I like the pick up and mindless sports like play of COD and for Battlefield, I like the more team based approach, bigger maps, more players, vehicles, etc...

But, I enjoy them both for what they offer. I have had the previous killzones and while they are always pretty, I haven't really got into the gameplay at all. Just my take.
Darkfire369  +   282d ago
I meant that it's dying out where I live. Not many people here, where I live, are buying COD this year. Instead, they're buying Battlefield and other types of games.
dcj0524  +   283d ago
Same here. I never buy COD but 7 of my friends usually buy it. This year it was only 2 lol.
Mikeyy  +   283d ago
Ghosts is really bad, I have it.. The new squad system, squad unlock points.. it is retarded.
Braveheart_NZ  +   284d ago
I bought Killzone Shadow fall, BF4, AC4BF, NFS Rivals and CoD Ghosts for my PS4

On my Xbox one I bought Ryse, Forza 5 Limited Edition and Dead Rising 3. The console deal I got also comes with a free copy of Fifa 14 and NBA2K14, so that's five games for each console. Should keep me busy for awhile lol
LeoDDestroyer  +   283d ago
The question is with all of that when will you have time to play anything.
Braveheart_NZ  +   283d ago
With three other people in the house who game all the time the answer is then yes lol..
Godmars290  +   284d ago
And it would be nice if game publishers would realize that there's only one COD, with the Battlefield devs having to suffer playing catch-up.
Rocky5  +   284d ago
Well my 2cent. I'm getting the following.

Battelfield 4
Forza 5
Dead rising 3
FIFA 14 (bundled withe eh console)

Can't stand COD anymore.

Sorry forgot, the misses is getting me AC4 for chrimbo.
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MorePowerOfGreen  +   283d ago
Just paid off Ryse and BF4 on Sunday and Forza 5 and Dead Rising 3 on monday. Getting Killer Instinct on Friday.
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Grimhammer00  +   284d ago
I got KZ, nfs, ghosts & asscreed. Boom!

Bf4 was very tempting.....but I just don't dig vehicles in my fps games.
And for all those 32vs32......well, I used to play MAG religiously. Just sayin
LeoDDestroyer  +   283d ago
You can play modes without vehicles you know.
listenkids  +   283d ago
Everyone I know, including myself, is getting 3 games ( so that's correct ), but likely Killzone, Fifa and AC4 to add a little variety, then some indie love.
Aerialbots  +   283d ago
i bought ryse dead rising3 battlefield nba2k14 ghost and madden and on ps4 killzone and knack
urwifeminder  +   283d ago
Yeah I am getting all multiplats for pc so I wont be getting many console games.

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