Analyst: Average Xbox One, PS4 Owner will Buy 3 Next Gen Titles - Battlefield 4 Will Sell the Most

Senior Analyst form Cowen and Company has predicted that both Next Gen consoles will have an attach rate of 3.25 - that is to say a buyer will get on average 3 Next Gen Games with his New Console. Battlefield 4 will enjoy an attach rate of 30%, 10% more than any other title.

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allformats1771d ago

These Cowen guys are so off base. Call of Duty: Ghosts has destroyed BF4 on PS4....

These guys are pulling things from you know where.

codelyoko1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

They ARE certified Analysts ya know :P Thier 'guesses'would tend to be more accurate than the average joe. But yeah it is pretty much BS-ing. Though the same is true for any 'forecast'

iiwii1771d ago

Yeah, and hmmm.. retailers offering b2g1 free = 3 games. Assuming they will do something similar for X1, so brilliant calculations on their part with that as well.

badz1491771d ago

how can they still make this kind of prediction when the report that Ghost out selling BF4 by 2-to-1 on PS4 has came out? with the Xbone, I can only see things going up for Ghost seeing how xbox owners usually buy more CoD titles than ps owners.

for the record, I'm not a fan of both and for me, Ghost looks last gen and BF4 is a broken mess!

NextGen24Gamer1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

Yea, there are already 500,000 COD Ghost pre-orders for the xbox one. That doesn't take into account the gamers who don't pre-order the game and just go in to any target, Walmart, BestBuy, fry's, or Gamestop and pick it up. Or if they are like me, I'm going ALL DIGITIAL this next gen.

So one thing we can deduce from the pre-order numbers of Ghost is that the xbox one will at minimum sell 500,000 consoles Day 1. I actually think that Day 1 xbox one will sell 750,000 consoles, but It wouldn't shock me if it sold over 1 million being since it's a worldwide release Day 1.

sdozzo1771d ago

Why even say BF4 when it's already shown how CoD has sold better?

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aviator1891771d ago

As much as we all would want it to happen, I don't think BF 4 will outsell Ghosts.

classic191771d ago

bf4, i would luv that, cod is drowning lol. i will never buy a cod game on a next gen system. when console players tast that 32v32 on bf4, 6 months from now what he say will be fact.

vividi1771d ago

I bought 3 games, knack, killzone and battlefield

codelyoko1771d ago

Congrats. And btw in your face skeptics Buhahahah :P

firefly691771d ago

Well im only getting KZ shadow fall with my PS4 bundle,and with that im picking Super Mário 3d world for the Wii U and thats it my backlog will keep me well supply until the next great game that most likely will be Infamous SS or bayonnetta 2.Xbox one can kiss my ass until they release a kinect less console or until they low the price $200 atleast!

TheFallenAngel1771d ago

Than why did call of duty destroyed bf4 on ps4? It looks like it will be the same on xbone.

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The story is too old to be commented.