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IGN- NBA Live 14 Review

IGN:NBA Live’s flaccid return is made all the more disappointing because we waited three years for it. After all that time, NBA Live 14 in no way advances the basketball sim genre and, worse, leaves little to be optimistic about for next year. Here’s hoping EA figures something out, otherwise this series’ comeback is going to be short-lived.

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Chuk51046d ago

Yet again, washed up drunk of a basketball game NBA Live comes back again only to pass out in its own vomit, smh. I used to love these games like 10 years ago but damn they have fallen on some hard times.

frostypants1046d ago

EA is as crappy as 2K is awesome. Imagine if 2K sports could still do NFL games...

MajorJackHoff1045d ago

That's what happens when you rehash your games for years and years and years. People eventually get tired of the same garbage.

I'm looking at you, Call of Duty.

DOMination-1045d ago

Hmm not really though cod has likr a 75% attach rate with ps4. I hardly call that consumers getting tired of the product

AliTheSnake11046d ago

How is the gameplay, They didn't address it.
I hate NBA2k's gameplay, It's a simulation.

3-4-51045d ago

lol they took time off to fix this and made it worse...

2k wins again

sigfredod1046d ago

Ouchh that was a lower score than expected

Neonridr1046d ago

NBA2K14 is clearly the way to go

DrRobotnik1046d ago

That's why I wish so bad NFL2K comes back.

JeffGUNZ1046d ago

the laft NFL 2K made was amazing.

NYC_Gamer1046d ago (Edited 1046d ago )

I'm not surprised by the score after watching EA play the game last night

Ketzicorn1046d ago

So Live took a few years off to get worse.

bonafide7321046d ago

thats crazy. almost defeats the purpose of taking a off a few years

G_Hartley_1045d ago

they took two years off. Ate at Mcdonalds everyday, Didn't work out and thought it would come back bigger and strong.. Sounds like many people in today world ;)

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The story is too old to be commented.