The Reasons Why You Should Buy an Xbox One

As we get dangerously closer to the launch of the Xbox One, our excitement for it here at Xbox Addict is at a fever pitch. Most of us already have our Xbox Ones pre-ordered and will be picking them up at one of the many Midnight launches across North America at 12:01am on Friday, while the rest of us who value our sanity and sleep just a little bit more will saunter into the stores much later that morning.

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xHeavYx1824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

The name of the website is Xbox Addict, and it seems that the guy is trying to convince himself
He is just being on a dead horse with the first reason, the MP3 stuff that will be available on the PS4 after a patch. I'm not even going to talk about the second reason because I get a gaming console for games, not tv stuff ( I've said it before, Kinect has as much functionality as my thumb + a remote controller)
The third reason also revolves around Kinect, all I hear are the same promises that were made for the first Kinect, and after seeing footage from the fighter within, well, this comes to mind

xHeavYx1824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

Next, the cloud, something that hasn't been shown working, yet everyone praises it, not gonna spend time with that .
The next reason has to be my favorite, pretty much defending all the apps behind a paywall, some wishful thinking about family sharing and last, the games. Neither console has an upper hand with launch games, but if you look a the past, you'll see which console delivered great games and which one only cared about Kinect shovelware

GamersRulz1824d ago

Don't forget that cloud gaming is something available even for my 2 years android device. PS4 has Gaikai which is the world fastest network in the world.

2cents1824d ago

Dude... your talking to yourself.


Strikepackage Bravo1824d ago

No xbo has more and better games at launch, everyone knows this except Ps fans in denial.
If we go by the past, it means Xbox will continue to have more games until a year or two before the xbo two and ps5 come out.

yarbie10001824d ago

You don't see dedicated servers working.

xHeavYx1824d ago

Lol, an Xbox fanboy talking about denial.
What's s great about the Xbox launch? Ryse? The game with pretty graphics and nothing else? Forza? An incomplete racing game with no day/night cycle, weather effect and a bunch of DLC at launch?
You are so in denial that you forgot that the 360 has had no games for the past years, just look at this chart when you finish whipping your tears

heliumhead20301824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

Dude idk why you don't want to accept the cloud can do many things including improve graphics. They don't have to show anything. This is simple fact. You just don't know about it. M$ isn't the only company with cloud computing going on. Just think if u can stream a game to a console why can't u stream the draw distances or lighting in a game. I think this is downplayed because its just another online service Sony can't offer. What is gonna happen a year from now when every game is 1080p, and every game has dedicated servers on the one, or your stuck literally switching back and forth between the Superbowl and your mp sessions? Simply put the Xbox can do everything the ps4 can but the ps4 can't do ANYTHING the Xbox one can.

Sony sneakily made the Xbox 720 .

Think about it...

OrangePowerz1824d ago

Strike if we go by the past in 2-3 years there won't be many exclusive games comming out for the console and the focus will shift even more towards casual and mass market going by how the 360 changed focus away from the core gamer after a few years.

xHeavYx1824d ago

Wow, the denial force is on fire today.

"idk why you don't want to accept the cloud can do many things including improve graphics"

Seriously? You still believe the cloud can improve graphics? Maybe in 10 years, but to be so blind...

"What is gonna happen a year from now when every game is 1080p, and every game has dedicated servers on the one, or your stuck literally switching back and forth between the Superbowl and your mp sessions?"

This has to be the lamest comment I've heard in a long time, and I've read most of what Jokes has to say.
Like I said before, the "switching" you do with Kinect can be easily done with a remote controller. I won't be playing and watching the superbowl though. I'll be with friends watching the Seahawks dominate the game ;)

"Xbox can do everything the ps4 can but the ps4 can't do ANYTHING the Xbox one can"

Really, I didn't know the One could do Crap of Duty at 1080p and 60 FPS. The Xbox can't match the power of the PS4 either (until the cloud of course, because we all know the cloud will be like having 10 Xbox Ones at the same time)

princejb1341824d ago


"Dude idk why you don't want to accept the cloud can do many things including improve graphics. They don't have to show anything. This is simple fact."

A fact? Where's the proof. I really doubt the cloud can improve graphics. Maybe enhance multiplayer games just a little but MS has a tendency for over promising and not delivering. We're not even sure if all games will support this so called cloud computing.

heliumhead20301824d ago

@heavy you totally answered what you wanted lool.

Its like this...
Neither console ran bf4 at 1080, 1080p isn't the highest possible resolution so what gives?

I think your the one in denial. Prove to me what the cloud can't do and I'll prove to what it can do. Why can u stream an entire videogame but not parts of it?

Just Google nvidia cloud processing demo, the first video is old and not what I was looking for but for this latency means nothing. YOUR IN DENIAL.

your making it seem like your lack of choices is preferred. I think it will be awesome to have the half time show in the corner of my killer instinct sessions so I know when THE SAINTS step back on the field.

Simply put, I'm right your wrong and since you think the ps4 is SOOOOO powerful for the record esram alone has a higher bandwidth then all 8gigs of gddr5, mind you ps4 uses 5 for games. Loool

Dedicated servers, dedicated integration, dedicated publishers, dedicated developers.

What can ps4 do that Xbox cant

malokevi1824d ago

Lol. ohhhh heavy. You just can't seem to fathom why someone might be excited about something that you hate with such a passion.

The submitter is Xboxaddict. The website is Xboxaddict. Did you ever stop to consider that the writer is an Xbox addict? Does that bother you?

I know, I know... you have his best interest in mind. You want to help this ignorant person see the glorious light that is Playstation, so you take it upon yourself to charge into his article, sword drawn, ready to strike down any positivity that might be wrongly attributed to what is clearly the wrong choice for everyone.

I commend your persistence. Your philanthropic consideration for those who wrongly perceive Xbox One to be anything other than the vile piece of unworthy trash that it is truly admirable. I can only assume that you find great personal fulfillment in all that you have done to correct those who stray from the undeniable truth.

black0o1824d ago

@heavy it's no use to try logic or using numbers, links, quoting devs/Pro, videos ..etc with those who find the BF4 on Xbone better then the ps4 and 1080p vs 720p doesn't matter

OrangePowerz1824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )


If something has not been proven it's not fact as you should have learned during physics class. Sending a video stream takes less bandwith and coordination between devices than splitting up calculations between you home consoles and a server and thus latency becomes a bigger problem.

Sony has Gaikai so if MS can do it Sony can do it as well. The Azure cloud wasn't build up for gaming it was build up as an all purpose cloud service for all MS products while the Gaikai cloud service was build for gaming only.

Why would you want to play at the same as watching the superbowl? I can understand playing during the half time show, but what's thr point at playing and watching the match? In that case you can just have a ticker running on your smartphone if you don't care anyway what goes on in the match because you can't focus on both. Either you play well in the MP and don't notice the match or you are too focused on the match and suck in the MP. The half time show has a very specific length and you can know exactly when the match continues.

Rwharding the nvidia demo, first the framerate of the tech demo was low and second the server was on the same LAN, it wasn't done ober the internet with a server that was miles away.

You do know that the ESRAM has 32MB and that means no more than 32MB can be stored in it at any given time right? Also it doesn't have a higher bandwidth in any practical way because of the limited space. You could have 500gb/s bandwith and it would be useless because the data can't be processed fast enough use it with the tiny amount of ESRAM.

Palaven1824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )


You seem to be trying to convince yourself more than the article writer. Just because you don't like the TV features & Kinect doesn't mean no one else does, people who welcome innovation will be getting the X1 not a PS3.5.

The X1 does have the superior launch lineup, Dead Rising 3 receiving more positive reviews and having a higher metascore than Killzone shows this and DR3 is only the first launch game to be reviewed. I guess good graphics don't make a good game after all. No one cares that you think the PS4 will have better exclusives than the X1 in the future, this is the present and at the moment the X1 has the better exclusives. When the PS4 has a better lineup of exclusives then I will pick one up, maybe in 3 years from looking at the history of the PS3.

Why don't you wait until Ryse is reviewed before saying it has nothing to give except for graphics, the gameplay has been praised by most people who play it but only the negative reactions and articles are noticed on N4G. From what I have seen it looks a lot more fun than Killzone.

XboxFun1824d ago


I wonder if this was PS4addict convincing people of why they should buy a PS4 would you have the same problem?

Probably not, I guess no one can have a personal preference and give their reasons why they would prefer something different from what you like.

"I've said it before, Kinect has as much functionality as my thumb + a remote controller"

Remember when there were no remote controls for TV's, I wonder if people said:

"I don't need no remote when I can just get up walk over to the TV and turn the channel manually."

What has PS4 given us? Social features in line with Facebook and...and a touchpad on the controller? What else? Nothing.

The Kinect doesn't impress you but a touchpad on the controller that can just as easily be done with an analog stick is the bee's knees eh?

And a separate camera device that will probably be supported just as well as the Move was right? Bu...bu...but I have options! What about the people who went with the option of buying the Move or Eye? Seems they got shafted right...and yet the sony trolls get on MS for actually SUPPORTING their new device.

And I love the resolution war now. Since sony fanboys have no more ammo to use this is the next thing. So BF4 and CoD are 1080p (via patch) and the sony fanboys went ballistic! Turns out though that both games were rushed out and are now both experiencing many glitches, bugs and crashes.

Gaikai hasn't been shown working, in fact I don't think its been shown at all. I guess we shouldn't believe that's possible too right? Because we all know if we don't see it, that means it doesn't exist.

And apps behind a paywall...what does it matter to you since all you care about are games and will be paying for plus which means you'll be paying for apps subscription and where does it matter where these apps are placed?

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Stick891824d ago

Pretty sure your thumb and a remote controller can also change the channels more accurately than the Kinect where you'd have to look like a tool yelling at your television a couple times just to get the right channel.

I thought last gen we all realized voice/motion controls were just gimmicks and were not very accurate.

Strikepackage Bravo1824d ago

According to reviews, Kinect works fine for that, its the PlayStation camera that requires you to yell repeatedly.

Stick891824d ago

"The downside of voice command is that it isn't always recognized. From time to time during his 45-minute demo of the system, Penello had to repeat himself. When I tried to command the Xbox in a conversational tone, it didn't work."

Or just google Xbox One Repeat Voice Commands and have fun. Voice commands will never be as accurate as pressing a button and you just look stupid talking to your tv imo.

YodaCracker1824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

Is this really necessary? Your comments are unprovoked and look far more like reassurance than this guy's article.

xHeavYx1824d ago

So, you agree with the guy when he says that Live is better because once you pay for it you get all the apps that are behind a paywall? You think Kinect will make games better and the Cloud is the best thing that ever happened since bacon?

JohnnyTower1824d ago

@Heavy why you so angry all the time?

xHeavYx1824d ago

It's what happens when I hear that Kinect is the future, the cloud is so amazing it will cure cancer, Xbox Live is better because you need to pay to get apps that are free.. You get the picture

JohnnyTower1824d ago

Yeah but Heavy, you can always play a PS4 or Wii U. There is plenty to go around. I don't want to say that Xbone is the be-all end-all, but I am willing to give them a chance. We wont see the potential of these units for a few years anyways. Who knows what the future hold?

2cents1824d ago

Erm... excuse me Mr Tower, I thought rational thought was not allowed here!

lol :)

whitefang19881824d ago

@Heavy dude, you gotta lay of the hate its getting old, almost every Xbox article I read has you at the top justifying your belief its shit.
I don't know if you're getting a ps4 or xb1, I don't care either but just chill out and enjoy either,neither or both. Its not the end of the world if people like things you don't.

UnHoly_One1824d ago

Heavy... for all the ranting and raving that you do regarding how amazing the PS4 is, and how weak the XB1 is, and how you only care about gaming and that is where Sony delivers, and blah, blah, blah...

Why do you not have a single post about OWNING a PS4???

Seriously guys, click on his name, then click comments on the right side and look around. There is not one comment that I can find where he says anything even implying he actually owns the console that he is constantly worshiping.

And yet I have one, and have commented about it. Me... One of the site's "Xbots", or "MS Shills", or whatever the cool name of the day is for someone who tries to be fair and not hate on MS constantly.

All he does is troll, troll, and troll some more.

Why does this guy even still have an account here? It's quite obvious that the website would be a better place without him.

All this troll crap about your remote being able to do the same thing as the XB1 is a joke, too.

Unless you are going to try and convince me that you can watch TV and still see all the game invites and notifications from your PS4 that is hooked up to a different input and you can't possibly see or hear?? (your PS4 that probably doesn't even exist, based on your comments)

Give it a rest.

The PS4 is the more powerful console in terms of graphics. Nobody is arguing that point anymore. You win. Congratulations.

Fortunately, for those of us that care about other things besides graphics, the XB1 offers a bunch of stuff that the PS4 doesn't do, and in some cases, flat out cannot do, ever.

Tell me all you want about how you don't care about watching TV, that's fine.

But some of us do, and I think being able to do that through my console is huge. It's something I've wanted for awhile.

xHeavYx1824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

I'm starting to believe that your nickname is more of an actual description. You are right that neither console can do BF4 at 1080P, but which console does BF4 at 900p and which one does it at 720p? I'm not even going to bother replying to your cloud comments, check every tech website and they will tell you what you need to know about it

"Simply put, I'm right your wrong"
Really? You can't even use you're properly.

" for the record esram alone has a higher bandwidth then all 8gigs of gddr5, mind you ps4 uses 5 for games."

Wow, just wow, that part gave me a headache. Go have fun watching TV on your less powerful gaming console. Talking to you is as interesting as banging my head against a wall.

"Seriously guys, click on his name, then click comments on the right side and look around"
That made my day. I thought Helium was lame, but you my friend took the price out of his hands

I said it before, and I keep saying it, you call me troll as many times as you want to, meanwhile you and all the other Xbox fans who think the cloud and Kinect will save the world can keep hiding behind promises

UnHoly_One1824d ago

Have you ever seen me, even once, say anything praising the cloud OR Kinect?

Take your time and look around.

I don't have any clue what they plan to use the cloud for, outside of Dedicated servers. That alone is a good thing that I'm looking forward to.

If they use it to make some sort of persistent world in certain games, it could be cool, too. I don't know, I'm not very good at coming up with ideas for stuff like that, but hopefully some developers will use it in a neat fashion.

Do I believe it will improve graphics? I sure don't see how, but they are all obviously smarter with stuff like that than I am, so maybe they can pull off a little something that none of us suspect.

As for Kinect. I am a Kinect hater, at least on the 360. I thought it was a terrible idea for games, and the only time I've been around one in action I thought it was a piece of junk.

That said... Supposedly the new one is much improved. Do I see myself buying a bunch of Kinect games? No I don't. Do I see myself using the features added into games like DR3? Maybe once or twice to try them, but I can't see using them regularly. It just doesn't appeal to me in terms of how they are using it for gaming.

That's not to say I can't be proved wrong, but as it stands now, I don't care if any games ever use it at all.

But for other features besides gaming, I do see myself using it. Skype, Voice commands for turning the console on or switching apps, initiating the Game DVR, etc...

Maybe I won't like that either, who knows? But I'm willing to give it a shot, and that extra hundred dollars doesn't offend me nearly as much as it does you and some others on this site. I applaud them for trying something different, at least.

All Sony has given us is a touchpad that is in a horribly awkward place on their controller. Yay?

andrewsqual1824d ago

Whoa, whoa one step at a time, convince me to buy a 360 first before this monstrosity.

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xHeavYx1824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

double post

cabbitwithscissors1824d ago

I'm not going to give that site a click but basically giving reasons like that is BS. Just say you want to play the games on the platform is good enough. No need to go about giving asinine or inane reasons to get an xbone.

2cents1824d ago

The reason why you should buy an xbox?

Simple really, buy it if you want it, I want it, im buying it... There, that wasnt so hard was it?

Same reason why you should buy a PS4 too.

JohnnyTower1824d ago

That'll be enough rational thoughts outta you, Mister.

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