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State of Decay, which is arguably the best zombie game to release in 2013 having sold over a million copies on 360, has officially released on PC earlier this month. We reviewed State of Decay on Xbox 360 in June, and we fell in love with it. State of Decay released on Steam early access in September with only controller input enabled and featured little to no keyboard controls. But how does the completed PC port of State of Decay perform, and does it feel right at home on the platform compared to other zombie games on Steam?

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Blachek1849d ago

This was a really great surprise for me when I discovered it on XB Live, glad it's making it's way over to PC for more to enjoy it.

I would suggest this game to anybody who enjoys RPG elements blended into other genre's and doesn't mind a good Zombie bashing.

Has some great re-playability and enough content you will miss to make it worth your while to explore.

--bienio--1849d ago

Simple comment that what I need😄thx I will try State of Decay look nice with a lot of fun!!