PlayStation 4 Camera: Special Software Enables Enhanced Whole-Body Movement Detection

New middleware from gesture recognition software firm SoftKinetic is said to "enhance" the full-body motion tracking capabilities of the PS4's PlayStation Camera, allowing it to "compete directly with Kinect".

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dieforgame1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

it costs 59 € even though it was in the FAQ Playstation which will cost 49 €

Xsilver1771d ago

Only $60 dollars
PSeye white
Battle of the motion controls ceases to exist without me. No, you clearly don't know who you're talking to, so let me clue you in. I am not in danger of failing, People. I AM the danger! A guy plays with the kinect and gets Bored and you think that of me? No. I am the one whose FUN!

Belking1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

This cam will never be able to compete with Kinect. No software will be able to bring it to that same level.Kinect has it's own processors and uses patented technology which took years to develop. You can't patch that into pseye to make it compete. It isn't gonna happen.

Fishy Fingers1771d ago

I don't think you have to be an expert to know that. It's pretty much common sense that a £60 retail camera isn't going to be on par with one that probably costs twice that to manufacture.

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hankmoody1771d ago

Oh, please. If they had any faith in this thing at all, they'd have packaged it in the box. They're just putting it out there to have SOMETHING to compete against the Kinect.

GadgetGooch1771d ago Show
ZeroX98761771d ago

at least the choice is mine to buy it or not, right?

thehitman1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

tbh fishy the only difference between the two I seen so far is resolution. Paying over double the price for a 1080p camera that its most advertised features is not the camera part but the interactive part seems silly.

If anyone disagrees that the eye cant do what Kinect I could find video of anything shown by Kinect that the pseye has done as well.

Imalwaysright1771d ago

Its the same with PS4 and X1 hardware isn't it? PS4 will always be superior because the hardware says so.

GTgamer1771d ago

Go watch any DR3 review and you will probaly see a bunch of them saying turn off the Kinect so dont act the Kinect 2.0 is some remarkable device because it isnt keep acting like its worth xbox fans.

Death1771d ago

The biggest difference between the two is how they perceive movement. The PSEye is looking for the controllers glowing light to sense movement and then uses the size of the ball relative to the distance of the camera to determine position in 3d space. Once it knows the position of the ball and the color it can use facial recognition software to determine head tracking.

Kinect doesn't use color and light the same way to track movement. It can actually see in the dark and the software allows the device to see all a players moving joints. The facial recognition software is also much more advanced and can identify a user as they walk into the room. It can also recognize emotional responses.

Both are cameras with postional mics. The big difference is the software behind it. PSEye can't see in the dark which is a technological limitation. I don't see why you couldn't update the software to be more like Kinect, but the hardware limitations won't change. The biggest issue the Eye will face is on the development side. Getting the camera is a choice which means the attach rate will always play a factor on support.

Sitdown1771d ago

I will take you up on the challenge. Show the video of the eye toy following your individual finger in darkness while also monitoring your heart rate.

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Felinox1771d ago Show
Bathyj1771d ago

Kinect is an expensive webcam that will never have a good core game. Get over it.

Fishy Fingers1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

Which has what to do with his comment? Stick to the topic. He's talking hardware. Not games.

IcicleTrepan1771d ago

investigate the term 'time of flight sensor' and then realize that you are dead wrong.

Bathyj1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

I don't care if the hardware is good enough to see the dark side of the moon, if it has no good games it means nothing to me.

And the topic was the Ps4 camera, not Kinect. He's just worried this might actually be true and he loses a string from his bow.

You know the pseye is not as capable as Kinect 1 either but at least I got to play killzone 3 with it. An experience not available anywhere else. It actually made the game better than without it in a real way. What core Xbone games are doing that. Please don't say dance dance revolution.

Death1771d ago


You are looking at Kinect the wrong way. It isn't designed to be the central piece for gaming, it is a tool available to enhance games by adding more immersion into the experience. In a lot of ways it is an input device like a controller, but also has other features that are simply there to support other aspects of gaming.

Volkama1771d ago

"I don't care if the hardware is good enough to see the dark side of the moon, if it has no good games it means nothing to me."

Whoa there, no need to start bashing the PS4. The games will come!

Sono4211771d ago

My head is seriously hurting from all the spin death is putting on this... oh the immersion? You mean voice commands?

Last I checked all you need was a Microphone and the right software.. Not a forced camera raising the price of your weaker console.. and for what? Hand gestures to go through the Xmb? Dance games without a controller? You can try to justify it as many ways as you want.. but the coolest feature it has (Voice commands) it's not even needed for.

Don't Xbox fans ever get tired of being on defense mode or wonder why they are always on defense mode? Or wonder why the console needs so much defending? Seriously just wake up already..

If you fall for the TV and kinect gimmick then I have to say your already past the point of help.

Death1771d ago


"My weaker console"...

You are aware that anyone can buy a PS4 or Xbox One, right? We have all been watching the reviews on the PS4 games this far, what do you see that I don't? If I was impressed by nothing but "power" I would simply play on my gaming PC only which is much more powerful then either new console. I also wouldn't have bought a WiiU or Wii for that matter. My console has been every console as long as I can remember.

As for motion and voice not adding to immersion as you seem to feel, what in your opinion makes the PS4 the better choice to make gaming more immersive? Do you honestly think that 1080p native vs 1080p upscaled is the most innovative thing to happen in the last decade?

A gimmick would be a camera with limited functions tacked on to a system for developers to use at their discretion. A gimmick would be needing a colored light to track motion and determine who player number 2 is.

Kinect can sense where you are at in very low light and doesn't need to track a light bulb for movement. It can also recognize you and your friends as they enter the room and sign them in.

You are very closed minded when it comes to taking gaming to the next level. Sony is playing it safe this gen bringing nothing to the table that hasn't been done. If you are more confortable with that, peace be with. If people like me that want to see how gaming can evolve and become more immersive and are willing to pay for it want to try something else, why does that bother you?

Yeah, I'm past the point of help if that means being closed minded just like you. I want to be me and I'm ok with that.

Sono4211771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

@Death.. You act like Kinect is changing and evolving gaming when it simply isn't.. I agree gaming needs to evolve.. move forward.. find new ways to interact.. but Kinect simply is not it. With the evolution of technology we will see the evolution of gaming, the closest thing we have right now that is pushing gaming forward in the way we interact with games is that headset (Can't remember the name) That is like a sort of glasses you wear with a screen display, things like this will more deeply immerse you into the game. Using your body as the controller in theory sounds amazing, but in all honesty it is too limited (at this time) to actually be anything worth wild. In the future when technology advances further it will advance with it, but as for now it is not doing anything for gaming.. so yes it is a gimmick.

Also me the closed minded one? When you state that the only improvement on the PS4 is 1080p? I feel sorry for you. The biggest improvement in this new gen is connectivity and how everything can be done so seamlessly. This is executed perfectly on the PS4. Everything is very quick and connected. You can live stream within seconds. Something awesome just happen to you? Click the share button, edit, start uploading and go back to your game all within seconds.

I realize Xbox shares a few of these features but I can't imagine sharing being easier than the press of a button on your controller. As for the Xbox's exclusive features.. they mean nothing to me. At all. I hardly watch TV and if I do watch a show I do it on Netflix and i've already said how I feel about the kinect, so already both of it's flagship features out the window.

Now as for games.. i'll admit Xbox One's line up is a little better (In my opinion) but i'm also not ignorant to what has happened in the past. Microsoft had a good launch line up for the 360 too and afterwards we just kept seeing the same 4 exclusive ip's.. and let's not forget nothings changed.. they still have the same amount of first party studios.

Sony and their developers on the other hand kept delivering game after game after game. Some of these games make it onto my top favorite games of all time. I think that's saying something to be able to make it onto the list with old classics.

Also a side note I would like to point out.. before the Xbox One was announced I was hoping it would be the better choice.. honestly. I have a youtube channel with 16,000 subs and I do call of duty videos, now as we all know Xbox get's the DLC first.. now for a youtube channel that uploads cod videos this is annoying if your on Playstation. Last gen I got a 360 and PS3 but now that Sony has you paying for online this gen I only wanted to have to get one system (I don't want to have to pay two gaming fees).. and i was hoping it would be the Xbox.. but I simply can't convince myself to get it, I just can't wrap my head around how people like you defend it to death when I wanted to get it but can't even convince myself..

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joeorc1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

With playstation move support' Sony does not have too. With both combined' kinect is no way near the level of being as accurate as move combined with the playstation 4 camera. Thus exactly why fps can really be used with Sony's motion control setup while kinect feels Tacked on. Because out of the two setups Sony's just works better for gaming. Not to say kinect is not cool and all but Sony's and Nintendo's method with motion+ motion control inputs combined with their cameras just work better in that environment for gaming.

Time of flight was coined by Dr. Marks well before kinect technology was even licenced by Microsoft.:-)

hankmoody1771d ago

That must explain why PS Move was such a hit.

IcicleTrepan1771d ago

You are on some serious drugs :)

You fanboys can't have it both ways. You complain that Microsoft went all in on motion gaming and Sony went for the core gamer.

Well the result is Kinect 2.0 is superior in every way to the Move. Now you can't come back and say, oh the Move, which Sony barely even cares about nor spends hardly any money on, is superior.

They're not even the same type of device at all. You can't have your cake and eat it too.

'Kinect feels tacked on' Are you serious right now?

Mister_Dawg1771d ago


Normally when you go all techy and sh!t, you throw in several links of 'evidence' to backup your arguments. Where are they in this situation? You a little less certain of yourself?

Remember you can't add together accuracy of the move and the accuracy of the camera, unlike where you can add together the bandwidths of esram and ddr3 on XB0 ;-)

btk1771d ago

Simple test to prove Move + PS Eye on PS3 is superior to Kinect 2.

- Tiger Woods Golf
Try and replicate the fine motor controls, subtle wrist movements when swinging.
Show that on Kinect 1 or 2 - I dare you.

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GentlemenRUs1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

Eyetoy came before Kinect.



One word: Pop!

GadgetGooch1771d ago

Yet Kinect is still better, Get over it....

ufo8mycat1771d ago

Who cares which is better - they are both casual gimmicky devices, so it means very little

joeorc1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )


Oh, pardon me i thought this was a technology discussion, instead of a popularity contest.

first of all let me break it down for you and other's in very simple and very easy to understand dynamic.

Kinect, by its very design will never be as accurate as an imput method for gaming as you would with a imput controller designed to work with a camera in conjunction. both Nintendo and Sony and hell other such engineer's already talked on this very subject.

and if you were not so quick to sit there and speak without learning something first you would understand.

for one:

Well the result is Kinect 2.0 is superior in every way to the Move.

this is where you are really getting , to be straight to the point to be blunt is its not the the chips its the method and the design for what they are "designed for each method" by each motion control device. its not really about the chips each system has by its self its what each chip does in conjunction with the design for each system motion control implementation.

for instance: the kinect is geared to track the full body. with just motion imput from the user's body, and voice that's also depth, their heart rate, etc. the one aspect that kinect cannot or is not geared for is to over come sensor drift..but it does not have to right? because its methods require no external imput from a control method like a physical controller. just the user's body..but add in the xboxone controller than what would happen?

Sony's on the other hand has a magnameter to offset sensor drift in the move. dedicated that's exactly why if your talking about what each control system is better geared for what kind of gamer dynamic for motion control gaming you best be up on your engineering. because like i just pointed out. you and other's really are looking pretty [email protected] foolish.

Time of flight indeed shown off

Stoppokingme1771d ago

So it's kinect that copied the eyetoy that copied kinect.

The circle is now complete.

Volkama1771d ago

Microsoft did totally copy the eyetoy. They had a pissy little webcam available on the 360. It had a couple of bad games, and it did a terrible job of mapping low res faces to Rainbow 6 characters. That webcam was the copy of the PS Eye.

The Kinect was the "me too" attempt at capitalising on the Wii crowd.

The new PS Eye has a lot in common with the first Kinect (but hopefully the PS4 will afford it some more power to improve on software).

Kidding yourself if you think the new PS Eye stacks up against Kinect 2 though.

IcicleTrepan1771d ago


I'll consider reading your reply once you figure out how to spell the word INPUT. I feel that anything I have to say to someone that cannot even spell that word correctly would be a waste. I also don't know why you are replying to me under this comment group when I didn't even comment on it.

Brix901771d ago

I own Kinect 1 and the PS4 Eye...I like the Eye better but still it's just a camera.

btk1771d ago

Kinect is not even remotely in the same class as PS Eye with Move for PS3.
Attempt the Table Tennis game with Kinect 2. Try the wrist fine motor controls that you get with Move.
Not possible with Kinect 1 or 2.

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tigertom531771d ago

Kinect is not just one or two cameras. Cameras have issue and need perfect light setting to work. Kinect uses a combination of camera and IR depth tracking features along with software that can take full advantage of the two even in bright or very dark settings and still work with a high degree of accuracy. I might think there new PlayStation camera might compete with the first Kinect but not with Kinect 2 high end software and hardware that been developed in the background system...

Angrymorgan1771d ago

Well go be fair sony is a hardware manufacturer so they could probably match kinect for alot less than it costs m$

2cents1771d ago

Belking, your spot on.

The ps camera will never come close to the functionality of the new kinect.

Gotta love the denial brigade, so funny when stupidity outweighs facts.

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timlot1771d ago

People forget Kinect isn't just a tool for games. Its baked into every facet of the OS. Whether that be controlling tv channel, internet, apps like Netflix. MS has built the system around it for better or worst. So while the PS camera needs some middleware company to provide the body tracking capabilities, MS has all that stuff baked in the OS. It just a peripheral to Sony.

WeAreLegion1771d ago

Good news for developers looking to get decent motion games on both consoles.

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