GTA Online Beach Bum Update Now Live For Xbox 360

Rockstar recently stated that a free new update will hit Grand Theft Auto V for its GTA Online component. This update will issue a number of patches and will fix bugs (hopefully all) currently found in GTA Online. Along with the fixes and patches, this new update will introduce a lot of new content to be added.


The update is also live on PlayStation 3 with EU PSN carrying the size of 74MB.

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vicheous1851d ago

It live on EU PSN to! 74Mb...

gigoran1851d ago

most of the glitched vehicles are gone. jets and tanks gone from garage. several (if not all) police vehicles. Tow trucks gone (I believe). no more cloning of vehicles. so back to square one. if you have anything rare left don't sell or delete them. they just became SUPER rare for real this time!

danowat1850d ago

Race payouts have been nerfed.

bohemian 231850d ago

Thanks R*, just what this game needed, flip flops! and board shorts!

MysticStrummer1850d ago

Update downloaded

Failed to detect added fun

Game off

Elapsed time : Ten minutes