Stack up PS4′s Plus titles on the web store before buying the system

It's been revealed that you can stack up the PS4 PS Plus games without buying a system itself via the PlayStation web store

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UltimateMaster1821d ago

Yeah, I figured that one out myself a few days ago and was thinking of going on it this week.

luisvideogames1822d ago


Because I'm buying an Xbox One first.

TristanPR771822d ago

You come to a PS4 article to say you will buy an inferior console first? Who cares?

Fireseed1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

Probably the same number of people who care when you come into a Ryse article and proclaim how great Knack is...

MASTER_RAIDEN1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

Good idea. you should probably get your hands on one before they go the way of the dreamcast.
you have plenty of time to pick up a ps4. like 10 years bro.

luisvideogames1822d ago

Jesus people.

Might've been smart to add that I WILL OBVIOUSLY BUY THE PS4. I can't miss out on Uncharted 4, Infamous: Second Son, DriveClub, and The Order: 1886.

I_am_Batman1822d ago

That's what I was planning to do. I'll probably get my PS4 when the Infamous bundle launches. Oh boy I'll probably have over a dozen games to play right away with the PS+ and f2p games.

saint_seya1822d ago

i did it now, my two first ps4 games xD

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