Gaming Top 5: Trailers of The Generation

"Have you ever watched a game trailer that just left you staring at the screen in awe or ecstatic in excitement?

I know I have.

Game trailers are there to impress you and to move you, to get you excited and start throwing money at the screen in eager anticipation of the game and sometimes you get a real gem, that stays with you long after you’ve watched it.
This list is to commemorate amazing trailers that have influenced our hype and made this Generation of gaming something special."

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gillri1767d ago

My personal favourite

jony_dols1766d ago

Never even played MOH (2010).
But this trailer is up there with the best:

Excalibur1767d ago

Gotta agree on the Gears games, Gears 1 is is what made me drop PC gaming and finally make the move to consoles.

Majin-vegeta1766d ago

What if i had offered you a cookie instead??:P

OT:one of my faves

Dragonborn3121766d ago

The Gears of War trailers, as well as the Mass Effect 2 launch trailer, are my favorites (I am sure I am forgetting a few, but those are the first that come to my mind).

TheFallenAngel1766d ago

Definitely Gears had the Best trailer. I really like the debut trailer of God of War 3 too.

kneon1766d ago

The Gears Mad World trailer is one of my all time favorites, but the rest on this list probably wouldn't even make my top ten list.

Revolt131766d ago

Made the right call, Gears has the best trailers.

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